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i purchased a train billet from cherryburg to reims from TGV Europe. This was two trains, a TER prestations de service from cherbourg to Paris, and a double-decker TGV from paris to Reims. The TGV aller was a "prem", and if je cancel thé ticket I"ll lose money. Cible that"s okay, because je don"t want à cancel that ticket: i still want auto TGV from parisien to Reims, but I no longer want the ter from cherburg to Paris.

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Is there any kind of way i can cancel seul the life part of the ticket? i cannot uncover this option on thé website, and they don"t provide communication details anywhere obvious.

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Whether amie can volonté a refund nous a billet will depend nous the fare hachette of the ticket. Your positif should do clear de these conditions and you"ll have been made aware ns them prior venir purchase.

If amie booked a cheap development fare de TER Corail (in auto region ns about £18-20) climate this will most likely be a non flexible an interpretation it"s not refundable no one exchangeable. Versatile fares conditions météorologiques that route are an ext in auto region du £40-45 cible are either fully refundable jaune refundable through a 10% fee retained.

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As of may 2015, Cherbourg-Paris can not be done entirely nous a TER, marqué rather on année Intercités train. Auto fare conditions of a SNCF billet (cardboard jaune e-ticket) room usually listed conditions météorologiques the ticket.

For année Intercités ticket bought on voyages-sncf.com (tgv-europe.com no plus long exists) nous the leisure fare parce que le Cherbourg-Paris, it is faisabilité to cancel it pour free until thé day antérieur à the departure, through a fee ns 50% (max de 12 euros) nous the day ns departure. After departure, cette is non-refundable.

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Billet échangeable und remboursable sans frais jusqu"à la veille ns départ, auprès une retenue du 50% plafonnée jusqu’à 12 € et réajustement venir tarif appliquer le jour aux départ, ne sont pas échangeable et non remboursable del départ.

In general, on SNCF tickets bought digital at voyages-sncf.com or in a station jaune at a ticket machine on the recreation fare, the état are similar: free pour exchange et refund until auto day avant departure, exhangeable et refundable on the day of departure pour a fee, and non-exchangeable et non-refundable after departure.

Prem"s tickets space non-exchangeable et non-refundable.

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To modify your billet online, find your billet reference num (6 alphanumeric characters), and go to thé reservation manager.