Five Vietnamese institutions have broken into the Times Higher Education (THE) 2022 World University rankings, which includes 1,662 higher education institutions, up from 1,526 in 2021. Two private Vietnamese universities, DTU và Ton Duc Thang University are included in the rankings.

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In the 2021 rankings, Vietnam National University in Hanoi was placed in the 801-1,000 group và its counterpart in HCMC, together with the Hanoi University of Science và Technology (HUST), were listed in the 1,001+ range.
In this year’s rankings, of the five universities listed, Ton Duc Thang University và Duy tung University were ranked in the 400- 500 group, và both scored high points in the Citations and International Outlook criteria. Vietnam National University in Hanoi was in the 1,001-1,200 range, with the Vietnam National University in HCMC & the Hanoi University of Science & Technology coming in at 1,201+.

Times Higher Education is a U.K. Magazine specializing in higher education and is well-known for its annual World University Rankings report và others. The universities are judged across five vi xử lý core missions, which are
Teaching (30%), Research (30%), Citations (30%), Industry Income (2.5%) & International Outlook (7.5%).

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Together with the QS and Shanghai ranking systems, THE is one of the most widely respected listings worldwide. Many Vietnamese universities are steadily moving up the rankings, confirming that higher education in Vietnam is gradually catching up with the quality of developed countries. The rankings confirm the sustained efforts of universities are gradually improving the training, international accreditation & cooperation, và research:
Ton Duc Thang University and Duy chảy University first entered the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2021 & are both placed in the 601-700 band.

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