Paris is not seul a ville of lights, cible of breathtaking monuments. It’s non surprise the most celebrated memorial in the ville is auto Eiffel Tower. Thé beautiful cathedral of notre Dame probably takes seconde place. Cible rounding out auto trifecta du iconic Parisian reliques in none est différent than the révérence de Triomphe. This marvel of Neoclassical imeuble attracts scores ns visitors every year.

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If tu want venir see thé arch in toutes les personnes its splendor, here’s quel you should know before you visit.

Where à Find the arc de Triomphe

This peut faire seem choose a no-brainer, cible you’d be surprised. A typical mistake countless tourists make is no actually discovering where the révérence de triomphe is.

As cette happens, you’ll uncover a smaller sized arch known ont the révérence de Triomphe ns Carrousel right by the louvre museum in Paris’ sapin Arrondissement. You’ll likewise find sapin of tourist snapping photos of it. The nice, sure, but this triumphal arch is lot smaller than the henn attraction. Just know that si you’re almost everywhere near the iconic louvre pyramid et you see année arch v a horse-drawn chariot on top, she at the wrong place.

The arc de Triomphe ns Carrousel near the louvre — not the révérence de triomphe we’re talking about

The arc de triomphe we’re talking about — more formally called the arc de Triomphe aux l’Étoile — is in the Eight arrondissement of Paris. It’s at the center of a large roundabout at thé western stretch of the renowned Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Coming in at 164 feet high et 148 feet wide, elle can’t manquer it.

It’s easily obtainable from the Charles ns Gaulle–Étoile arrêter on métro lines 1, 2, and 6 and RER line A.

The Arch that Took 30 Years à Finish

The arch isn’t just a pretty face à face (or façade). A rich history that événements back venir Napoleon Bonaparte’s reign gives the monument its own amazing backstory. In 1805, Napoleon’s forces won a decisive success over Russian and Austrian troops at auto Battle du Austerlitz. So he decided to celebrate by ordering the construction of an arch worthy du such a victory. Français architect Jean-François-Thérèse Chalgrin obtained the travail of designing it.

A year later — and on thé emperor’s birthday, no less — the project broke ground: a Neoclassical design in thé style of the Arch of Titus in Rome. Marqué wasn’t totally finished until 30 years later on when thé arch to be officially opened by King Louis-Phillipe nous July 29, 1836.

In auto years since, an ext than a couple of soldiers ont marched past the arch as a sort de victory lap. Germany did soja in 1871 et again in 1940. France and its allies walk in 1918, 1944 and 1945 during the world wars. Today, the arc de la victoire is more de a symbol ns peace, though, rather than war, commemorating the end ns World battle II. Every year, a consciousness at thé Tomb du the Unknown Soldier, hidden below auto arch, point the anniversary of the armistice signed conditions météorologiques Nov. 11, 1918.

How venir Experience the arc de Triomphe

One way venir experience the révérence de triomphe is to climb it. Indigenous above, you’ll volonté a summary view de the city. You can take an elevator part du the way, cible to get tous the way to auto top, you have to take thé stairs. It’s a 284-step journey from top to bottom.

There’s année observation deck at auto top, where tu can point out other monument in the city with auto help of a map. If you aim your caméra between the metal spikes guarding auto top, you should it is in able venir snap a an excellent picture du the Eiffel Tower.

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The Eiffel Tower oui seen native the révérence de Triomphe

A word du advice — don’t try venir cross thé actual roundabout. The Champs-Élysées can be thé most famous rue in Paris, cible it’s also one of the busiest. You’ll actually cross underneath auto street. Yes sir a pedestrian tunnel at carré Charles du Gaulle on the phibìc side de the Champs-Élysées that will certainly take amie down to thé arch.

Things to à faire Nearby


What is there to do, amie might ask? what isn’t there à do!? amie could take a dozen various paths — precise a dozen. Auto arch is located right at carré Charles ns Gaulle, often called auto Place de l’Étoile (or “Square de the Star” in French) since it has 12 highways stretch the end from it, making a star.

If you’re like me et more ns a la nature lover, you in luck. You a 20-minute to walk from se garer Monceau to thé east jaune Bois ns Boulogne to the west.

But si you came à Paris parce que le a to buy spree, you’re currently in thé right place. Auto arch opens onto the Champs-Élysées, a shopping ar with tous the high-end high-end brands from Chanel to Louis Vuitton. Et if you have a sweet tooth or want à take ago chic french goodies parce que le your friends, stop de Ladurée nous the Champs-Élysées venir try one du their macarons. From rose venir pistachio, the pastry shop offers much more than a dozen flavors to take patrie in your iconic pastel vert boxes.


If elle really desire the star treatment, you can finish your day through dinner at thé high-end Parisian brasserie Fouquet’s, a gourmet restaurant a stone’s litter away from thé arch. That posh. Every year, the restaurant hosts Parisian movie stars pour the reputation César awards, not unlike the oscars in auto U.S.

Answers à Your questions About the arc de Triomphe


How much does it cost à visit the arc de Triomphe?

Good question. Depends on who amie are. For the average adult, cette costs €13. That price goes down si you’re in a grouper of 20 jaune more people. But it’s free if you’re under 18 or a European syndicat resident between the ages of 18 and 25. Thé arch is likewise free à disabled persons et one of their guests. Elle can find much more pricing informations on auto official website.

Is cette worth going increase the arc de Triomphe?

It depends. Si you want a bird’s-eye view du one du Paris’s most celebrated streets, then go parce que le it. Marqué I’d speak a walk roughly the aménagements is just ont photo-worthy. In fact, i spent nouveau Year’s night enjoying thé fireworks introduced around auto arch’s base.

When ce comes à panoramic image opps, I ont to say my favorite view du the ville is from thé top du the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Montmartre.

Can you walk from the Eiffel Tower à the révérence de Triomphe?

It’s doable, cible bring your walking shoes (and water). That a half-hour walk from one monument to auto other. Si you amour roaming the city like ns do, the a type way to comprendre some exercise and sightseeing excellent at thé same time.

Enjoy auto Triumphal View

There you ont it: some du the essentials for your trip à the révérence de Triomphe. The sapin time i went, je wasn’t expecting cette to be oui big ont it is. Ns craned my neck, peered into auto sky et quickly taken why it’s been a symbol du victory throughout generations.

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And it’s seulement the tip of the iceberg when it comes to parisien monuments. Nos Dame is a an excellent 60 feet taller. And the Eiffel Tower is around fives times as tall. Whether you ont just une day in Paris or a au sens propre longer, don’t manquer the arch et the busy Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Both are simple to add to her visit, et you don’t need à climb the arc de Triomphe to enjoy its grandeur.