Questions dessus la yongin ; où l"on examine dans certains cas les maximes ns la persécution aucun contraires au pleinement des gens, for Religion, pour Morale, jusqu’à l"intérêt des Souverains & ns Clergé

Chez Henry-Albert Gosse, paris 1758, in-8 (10x17cm) , (4) 109pp. (3) 82pp. (2), relié.

life Edition. Full sheepskin blonde time, dumb earlier with four nerves, boards decorated v a double cold frame, tous sprinkled edge red. The head cover is threadbare et the tail a précis rough. Some scuffs et split peu are likewise worth mentioning. "Questions about tolerance et Maultrot Tailhé seek venir highlight tous the philosophical, religious et historical foundations ns the idea of tolerance. Both authors evoke episodes of christian history marked by intolerance, including thé Spanish Inquisition et the Albigensian Crusade. An entire chapter is specialized to auto revocation de the Edict of Nantes, i beg your pardon is taken into consideration a breach de law, human being rights et the liberty ns the subject, in addition venir a tactical error oui was à bring Protestants à Catholicism. In the seconde part du the work, castle examine thé effects de persecution, et show that cette is neither in auto interest ns rulers, no one that de the Church. Noter the authors prudently most likely their instances in old history and in étranger countries in preference to France. " Magali Perbost and Agnes Bach: Around the Edict of Nantes. Auto work to be blacklisted passant par a decree de March 5, 1759 Barbier, 114.; QuÚrard, 640. --- Please note that the translation in english is excellent automatically, nous apologize si the formulas space inaccurate. La communication us à la any information!


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