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Vous lisez ce: The walking dead game pc

a jeu by Telltale, Inc
Platforms: XBox 360, calculatrice
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based nous 2 evaluate
User Rating: 6.6/10 - 18 voix
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Brought to us passant par Telltale Games, the Walking Dead Season one is a masterpiece ns storytelling in cassettes vidéo games. When in the same universe ont the movie and comic books, thé Walking Dead is its own thing. There are many toutes les personnes who will certainly argue the the histoire which is said in this jeu is meilleur than either the TV show or the humour book.


Meet Lee Everett

The character that you play ont in the Walking Dead is Lee Everett. Hey is a well-educated college professor et he is conditions météorologiques his way to jail after gift convicted de murder. Ideal from thé start, the jeu does a great travail of gaining you to connect with Lee. Elle make petit talk with auto officer that is driving you et then BAM. Tu hit a walker et Lee’s whole world gets turn even an ext upside under than when hey got convicted de murder.

It tous Matters

By now many people sait the formula du one du these jeu inside et out. However, when the Walking Dead to be released in 2012 ce was fairly a various story et many personnes were blown away with the way the jeu played. This is not an terrain shooter like you would think a jeu about zombies would be.

This is a story driven game that in reality has an ext in common with point and click adventure jeu than cette does noþeles else. Lee have the right to talk à many different people and there is constantly a choice du what tu can say. Quel you say problem greatly as does what you do. Sometimes ce can have a really dramatic effect nous what wake up next.

In theory, this means that thé Walking Dead is great for multiple playthroughs and it is. I though think the the sapin play with that elle make, where you make all your choices nous pure instinct is really magical stuff.

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Hi, I être Clementine

Shortly after the first episode begins, we come across who would become auto real main character du the series, Clementine. Elle is a little girl who has been left alone after elle parents went venir stay in a hotel for the weekend et her bébé sitter acquired killed by a Walker. Lee and Clementine strike up a friendship right away et he agrees venir take her to Savannah where elle thinks sa parents are.

The relationship between Lee and Clementine is une that is really special et one of the meilleur that I have ever come across in a cassettes vidéo game. You really would aller anything à protect her et the game really pulls at your emotions.

Take Charge

As well as Clementine, tu come across many other characters who room memorable. My favorite has constantly been Kenny and I discovered that je sided v him through pretty much everything that happened. You, du course, shed members du your group along the way et there is a scene with Kenny, his wife and their le sien that is truly heartbreaking stuff. It was one ns those fémoral where the sapin time ns played the game I to be latterly stunned at what ns had venir do.

The go Dead Season one is spread across five chapters and I really à faire not think that there is a weak une in the bunch. They are all so strong that ns would actually struggle à pick a favorite out du them all as they toutes les personnes have miscellaneous that renders each one special. Tu can regulate Lee and make him relocate around, connect with stuff and talk venir people. Over there are additionally some sections where you get to use a gun and have to do something a précis more travail packed.

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I yes, really cannot praise auto Walking Dead Season une highly enough. Really few jeux can get you at an emotional level ont this jeu can. While some choices à faire not matter, many de them do et you periodically regret auto choice elle make et feel mauvais about what happened oui a result de it. Si you are one de the few who has encore not play this game, what are you waiting for? ns would recommend the you jouer through toutes les personnes five chapters one after auto other as the histoire packs means more punch that way.


One ns the most emotional rollercoasters I ont ever been onThere are characters that you love and hateEach chapter has actually its very own feelYou feel the some de your options really à faire matterThe voice acting is incredible


The game is pretty emotionally heavyA couple of choices feel favor they aller not matter