Director:Josh SafdieWriter:Josh Safdie andEleonore Hendricks;Josh Safdie,Andy Spade, andAnthony SperdutiCinematographer:Brett JutkiewiczProducer:Brett Jutkiewicz,Sam Lisenco,Zach Treitz, andJosh Safdieby Jon CvackNOTE: ns wrote this around 18 month ago antérieur à seeing one of two people Good Time (2017), or du course, Uncut jewel (2019).I had actually received Good temps (2018) from Netflix, analysis about it on a couple of lists and watching a paire of interviews with auto filmmakers. Ns started ce up and so began the frais of movie wherein within ten seconds je knew ns was city hall something incredible; sauce soja much sauce soja that je turned the cinématicien off, wanting à watch ce with my girlfriend, finding ce on Amazon Prime and returning the disc; never syncing increase with my girlfriend oui we were calmer trying to importer through thé last five Sopranos episodes. I’m pull close an age where my generation ns filmmakers space starting venir come à fruition. Ari Aster’s Hereditary (2018) served as a great debut from auto 30-year-old filmmaker, 32-year-old jambe Chazelle is at thé top du Hollywood v Whiplash et LaLa Land, et I’m now discovering that the 32-year-old Safdie’s oui just released their fifth feature. They have a fascinating despite mysterious histoire in that after graduating from Boston University, they to be approached de Partner & Spade venir create a commercial. They were listed a $200,000 budget, in which they produced the commercial for 10% of that and took thé rest venir make the Pleasure ns Being Robbed, opting to shoot on film and making amie understand how they invested a $180,000 on a 65-minute mumblecore film. Cette would premiere at SXSW et win the grand Jury Prize, et so their careers to be launched.The Pleasure of Being robbed is around a kleptomaniac amour (Eleonore Hendricks) that wanders auto streets of nouveau York, stealing people"s purses et bags. In the opening scene, she approaches a random woman conditions météorologiques the street, acting prefer they savoir each other, hugs her et say they need to hang out, antérieur à walking off, bag in hand. I get the emotion that this was in reality a random woman they approached rather than année actor, which is genius. She then steals a masculin from fifth Avenue’s bag ont his doorman helps him unload the car, taking it back to sa apartment along with a bag full du kittens. Later she steals some grapes native a fruit stand and somewhere between all this, elle plays in a ping pong parlor.We then importer into auto meat ns the histoire when elle steals a pair of Volvo car keys and bumps into année old friend Josh (Josh Safdie) who helps sa track down the car et drive her home. Lock spend auto night together et she pipeline the next day, heading venir a park where elle conspicuously snoops through a mother’s apartment that screams pour help. Eleonor gets arrested et the cops stop at a zoo where she begs them à let sa visit à la ten minutes, which for some reason one of the cop grants, it s okay booked and then released and that’s it.

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The Pleasure ns Being robbed came the end at thé peak du mumblecore, giving a story that’s more of a slice of life, in which a shaky camera and mumbling personalities are combined into a meandering narrative; often excused when compared venir the nouveau Wave jaune Rossellini"s post-war work, oui though seulement because it’s rough, shaky, et handheld with non plot, there’s a need venir celebrate it. While amour was année interesting character, i knew no more going into the film than comes out. I’m not certain what ns was supposed venir learn other than that there are some weird personnes out over there with facility personalities. It’s no a mauvais movie, ce just blends in with all other mumblecore filmmakers - early on Duplass brothers, joe Swanberg, and Andrew Bujalski. Few du their film are bad, but many of them blend together; in which it’s more about individual images et moments than the énormément narrative jaune style. Possibly that’s the point. Si pressed, given their under to terre personalities and humor, it almost feels like thé Safdie"s traction a quick one conditions météorologiques the cinématique world; à make nous think nous were city hall something heavy et profound, when it was toutes les personnes meant to be meaningless. Climate again, as soon as I"m pulling thé credits, je notice Benny"s surname is not nous any du the film, soja maybe hey was the missing ingredient.

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