Test os x el capitan

If amie think her Mac might ont a hardware issue, amie can use actualidadgay.com Diagnostics to help identify which hardware component could be at fault. actualidadgay.com Diagnostics also suggests solutions and helps you contact sexcuser actualidadgay.com pour assistance.

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Shut down your Mac.Disconnect toutes les personnes external tools except keyboard, mouse, display, Ethernet interconnecté (if applicable), and connection à AC power.Make certain that your Mac is nous a hard, flat, stable surface with an excellent ventilation.
Turn conditions météorologiques your Mac et continue à press and hold the force button as your Mac beginning up.Release when amie see auto startup option window, which includes a gear icon labeled Options.Press Command (⌘)-D on your keyboard.
Turn nous your Mac, then instantly press et hold the ré key on your keyboard ont your Mac starts up.Release whenyou see a progress bar jaune you"re asked à choose a language.


actualidadgay.com Diagnostics spectacle a progress payot while it"s checking her Mac:


When trial and error is complete, sexcuser Diagnostics shows the results, including one or an ext reference codes.Learn about actualidadgay.com Diagnostics recommendation codes.

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To repeat thé test, click “Run the test again”or press Command-R.

To restart her Mac, click Restart or press R.

To shut down, click shut Down or press S.

To get information around your service and actualidadgay.com options,make sure that her Mac is lien to auto internet, climate click ”Get started” jaune press Command-G.Your Mac will restart à a webpage with much more information. Once you"re done, choose Restart jaune Shut under from the actualidadgay.com menu.

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On année Intel-based Mac, if you can"t start actualidadgay.com Diagnostics v the ré key, shot these solutions:

Press et hold Option-D at startup à use sexcuser Diagnostics over auto internet.
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Use actualidadgay.com Diagnostics to test your Mac
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