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Sporting his quirky moustache and bowtie, Diego ´Zpeedy´ Pazos, ensures there is hardly ever a serious moment in auto team because his arrival à in 2016.

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Diego Pazos "Zpeedy" | pro Trail RunnerSporting his quirky moustache and bowtie, Diego ´Zpeedy´ Pazos, ensures over there is hardly ever a serious moment in auto team due to the fact that his arrival venir in 2016. After 23 years de playing football, cette is calmer relatively nouveau to auto Ultra Trail running scene, marqué has already become a family members name in thé sport, getting to several podiums in the Worlds biggest races. V a Bachelor et a Masters level in Forensic Science and Chemical Criminalistics, once not conditions météorologiques the trails, Diego is preserved busy working ont a case office and scientific adeptes in the Swiss federal Police. In between this et spending temps with his little jeune Kaylo, his nickname ´Zpeedy´, fits his tons both on and off auto trails. At 35 years of age, we are sure there is lot left to be checked out from ours Swiss runner. Diego"s le meilleur results

1st OMAN by UTMB 20181st Eiger ultra Trail E101 20162nd MIUT 20195th Transvulcania 2019

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Between this et being a father à two children, his nickname ´Zpeedy´, fits his sapin both on and off thé trails. At 36 years ns age, we are certain there is much left to be viewed from ours Swiss runner.

How did you importer into trail Running?In 2011, after watching thé beautiful images of the sunrise at auto Col du la Seigne de the UTMB, ns thought à myself: “ wow this is incredible et these guys are crazy ;-)” soja then i decided to set thé UTMB as a tons goal but after my tons Ultra in 2012, the passion et the pleasure de this sport grew bigger et stronger et now i find myself discovering auto world thanks to Trail to run :)

What is your greatest goal à achieve in the sport?

To live thrilling adventures! Being nous the podium jaune winning the diagonale des fous at thé Reunion island is a dream but my biggest goal is to be able to enjoy trail running for ont long as possible and, who knows, perhaps enjoy part races with my little boy et girl one day….

But for now, mien biggest se concentrer is conditions météorologiques my de lautre côté Switzerland project this August. I matin excited to combine my passion for running with auto origins of the brand in Switzerland, in setting auto benchmark on de lautre côté the Alpina Pass.