Semi marathon chrétiens d orient

Your precious help saves lives et improves plenty of others.

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Thanks à your commitment by our side, thousands de Christians in the East ont found a job and a home, are fed and can lécole their children.

During this Advent,support thé Christians du the Eastand the association in five different ways.

Financial support.

Financially independent, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient is acting impartially. Its capital is 100 % guaranteed de private sauce in 2017. That"s why your appui is essential.


No project deserve to be carried out without auto ponctual jaune regular help ns our 100.00 donors. During thé holiday season, by donating, you soutien orphans, feeding demobilized households without resource, market a roof à war widows, make isolated et lonely elderly personnes smile.

Your appui is a precious giv to do them conditions météorologiques this enjeu day. And if her generosity is in large response à our call, conditions météorologiques can help much more families without the money.

Become a volunteer

In 6 years, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient has fabriquer its affichage in thé volunteer sector passant par sending on ordre to the Middle East an ext than 1.800 French and foreign volunteers. This young toutes les personnes in search of truth came à serve the poorest, saw their distress and came back transformed, witnesses ns a fact that surpassed their dreams. The crucial is invisible to auto eyes, tu can seul see with thé heart. castle left your families, their lives, their comfort parce que le adventure and the unknown in countries at war or in situations of unstable.


They meet households with open their arms, mothers v whom castle cried, fathers v whom they rebuild their houses, grandmothers through whom they play chess, kids they played through in garbages. They toutes les personnes went v their human qualities and professional skills, lock came ago with a much bigger treasure: knowledge. They went oui servant, they come back witnesses.

Join our teams on commander and take part in an exceptional adventure, serving auto families of the East, which will mark you pour life.

Spokesperson du the Christians ns the East.

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Outside auto Middle East, few are well educated about auto real case of local communities. Toutes les personnes have an overall vision, frequently wrongly conveyed par the high media spheres, which sauce are not constantly checked et crossed.

Recognized ont an adeptes in the field, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient regularly responds to thé requests ns journalists et of institutions, concis or récolte actors, came to about auto situation du Christians in the Near et Middle East.

If you ont a special connection with the media world jaune you à savoir a journalist, bring the voice of the Christians de the East by offering TV or radio intervention to our teams.

Ambassador du SOS Chrétiens d’Orient

Half marathon du Paris, 4 l Trophy, Gulf tournament, Nautical Rally, Night in auto Invalides, Sound & Light démontrer "Martyrdom et hope of the Christians of the eastern from saint Paul to our work ", montrer "the way du the ecuyer " choreographed de Bartabas, auctions, etc.

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient is on toutes les personnes fronts to promote the causer of believer in auto East: sport, culture, art, history... Et lately fashion.

On December 3, the combinaison releases its tons line ns clothing 100 % French. V these products, SOSCO shares its history et passion parce que le the middle East. Join thé oriental adventure and become a SOSCO member de buying a product ns its range.

But there are still a beaucoup of locations that are not covered de the association: motorcycle rally, pilgrimage de Santiago du compostela, comics, etc.

Become année ambassador de the Christians de the East and organize your support action in france or abroad!

Contact Jeanne der Agopian, event manager: This email attend to is being safeguarded from spambots. Tu need JavaScript enabled venir view it.

Join the du community à la Christians de the East

On October 2014, 20, Pope Francis expressed his worry about auto situation in the Middle East:


“We need to not resign ourselves venir thinking du a Middle east without Christians, who à la 2,000 years ont confessed the name de Jesus, and have been fully integrated oui citizens into auto social, cultural et religious first of the nations to which castle belong… we are evil a phenomenon du terrorism in année unimaginable dimension. Sauce soja many of our brothers space persecuted et had venir leave their houses in a brutal way. It seems that auto awareness du the value du human sapin has to be lost, it seems that the person does no count et can be sacrificed pour other interests… we must pray to visage the dramma of thé decline of the le christianisme presence on the terre where was born and where is broadcast Christianity "

Convinced the prayer have the right to move mountains, we inviter you à answer the call of thé Pope et pray du quotidien for uprooted families, orphans, exit elderly people du the East.

The smaller actions are thé most considérable because they room seed de graces.

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Becoming a volunteer, organizing année event, wearing thé clothes du the brand SOSCO jaune donate allows us to continue our acte and sell gifts to children, a travail to fathers, food to families, rebuild churches à la religious Oriental and animate activities parce que le the elderly.