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Sarah Roemer , American maquette and actrice bear Place: la conscience Diego, California, les états-unis damérique Country: United claims of america

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Sarah Roemer is an American model et actress. She was bondir on august 28, 1984 (37 year old) oui Sarah cristin Roemer. Her nickname is Roemer buy it Christine.


Sarah christine Roemer is année American actrice and model. Elle is meilleur known parce que le her functions in the film The Grudge 2 Disturbia et Fired Up! and the television series The Event. Read complete biography

What is Sarah"s zodiac sign?

Sarah Roemer zodiaque sign is virgo.

When is Roemer"s suivant birthday?

Sarah Roemer was attaché on auto 28th du August 1984, which was a Tuesday. Elle will be turning 38 in seulement un 300 work from today (01 November, 2021).


Her tons feature cinématique was Hachi: A Dog's tale (2009, ont Andy). She was 24 when she starred in this movie. Due to the fact that 2009, elle has showed up in 14 function films. Thé last une is thé Girlfriend jeu (2015). In this movie, elle played thé character Clementine .

Sarah Roemer movie characters

The names de the characters/jobs in the film she starred in are ont follows:

Character/Job Movie age
Andy Hachi: A Dog's tale (2009) 24
Lacey The Grudge 2 (2006) 22
Carly Fired Up! (2009) 24
Ashley Carlson Disturbia (2007) 22
Rachel Wristcutters: A love Story (2006) 21
Scarlett Dowling Falling increase (2009) 25
Manhattan Undying (2016) 31
Madison McBride Asylum (2008) 23
Casey wright Famous et Fatal (2019) 35
Emma Locked In (2010) 26
Kristen The grouper Artist (2010) 26
Madison walker Waking Madison (2011) 26
Eve Cutlass (2007) 23
Clementine The Girlfriend jeu (2015) 30

Her first TV seul was Hawaii Five-0 (2010).

Awards (1)

Nominated MTV Movie récompense for best Kiss in 2008 .

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Chad michael Murray, American actor et model

elle married with Chad michael Murray (38), in 2015. Buy it Roemer was 30 and Chad michael Murray was 33 years old. Married pour 6 years, 10 months.

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