Saint pierre de colombier notre dame des neiges

par Pierre Sorgue

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ReportageA church capable of accommodating up to 3,500 faithful, 80 beds venir accommodate pilgrims, a large là park … auto Missionary Family ns Notre-Dame expected à see thé completion ns the work dedicated à creating a small ardèche “Lourdes”. That is occupation passant par local residents and environmental activists put an end venir their good work.

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Father bernard is sure to ont God passant par his side. Et republican regulation too. At least pour now. Cible he cannot say thé same for the facile mortals du Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier, in Ardèche, 413 souls, or de the surrounding communauté which follow the course of auto Bourges. For months, auto real legacy projects de the religious congregation i beg your pardon he directs have divided the inhabitants. There space those that approve. There are those who wash your hands of it. Et there space those, more and more numerous or visible, who curse thé Missionary Family du Notre-Dame (FMND) for what it builds: a complex for the reception du pilgrims who will extend its hectare et a half ns concrete on either side du the river.

The architect’s drawings detail the dreams of thé “builders ns the Church”: nous a bank, along the narrow departmental road, a terrain de stationnement area that have the right to accommodate six buses or forty cars; climate a gros metal et wood walkway, auto cement piers ns which already plunge into thé tumultuous waters; auto other bank will be covered par a forecourt, deux buildings, including année 80-bed house center et a place ns worship with année area of ​​2,465 carré meters peut être of accommodating 3,500 people. A project ns more than seven hectare on a plot the stretches at auto bottom du the valley, after auto old buildings du the silk-wire mills hung over auto torrent, at the foot of thé wooded hills.

father Bernard, that heads thé congregation, in front of the church ns Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier, in June. ALEXA BRUNET / TRANSIT à la M les MAGAZINE du MONDEFor auto very believing gerard Fargier, various right mayor, irremovable due to the fact that 2001, and the members de his apporter council, this project is the seul guarantee du development ns a ville which lost its last factories in 2000 et its écoles in 2009. This will be a traveler option, année economic contribution for thé few masons in thé vicinity et the only grocery store. Once the occupational is completed, theoretically in five years, Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier will find cette difficult à ignore thé power de the many High. Unless auto presence of bouleversé residents, mobilized environmentalists and some protected species counteracts thé decrees du Providence.

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Faithful seduced de the charism de “the education ns hearts”

So far, elle has been fairly generous v Father Bernard and his congregation. Blanche hair, contempt arched, cette receives in auto presbytery with the anointing that befits thé clergyman. Auto room, furnished with dark wood, has not adjusted since father Dorne, who came from Annonay, created his quarters there in 1946. Cette was hey who, nous December 15 of that year, had presided over thé erection du a statue of the Virgin nous a rock overlooking auto village. It had been promised in 1944 passant par his predecessor et the ladies de the french Catholic Women’s action League if the local men went back from thé war, the STO or the maquis unharmed. That day, thé bishop ns Viviers blessed thé Virgin et gave elle approval venir Father Dorne who, with maman Marie-Augusta et a few well-born young ladies, founded thé Missionary Family de Notre-Dame des Neiges, in 1947. Due to the fact that then, the congregation has grew – cette has 150 brothers and sisters – and has spread venir around fifteen homes, most du them in France.

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