One of Riad Sattouf’s favorite places in parisien is the musée du poison Branly, a temple de ethnographic treasures from Africa, Asia, Oceania, et the Americas, not tarif from thé Eiffel Tower. Une morning in mid-July, Sattouf, a French-Syrian comic-book artist who has actually recently emerged as France’s best-known graphique novelist, took me there, together with his year-old son, his son’s Ivorian nanny, and her three petit daughters. He was dressed prefer a college student, through jeans, a black Lacoste T-shirt, blanche Stan smith sneakers, et backpack. Nous were endroit in auto lobby passant par Stéphane Martin, thé museum’s president, that is a long-standing admirer of Sattouf’s work and has commissioned him to produce a graphique novel about auto museum for its tenth anniversary, prochain year.

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Riad Sattouf, for a te the seulement un cartoonist ns Arab héritage at Charlie Hebdo, has tapped into french anxieties around Islam.Photo Illustration passant par Olaf Blecker à la The nouveau Yorker
No french Presidency is finish without a legacy-defining monument; the accostage Branly, which opened in 2006, to be Jacques Chirac’s. Designed by Jean Nouvel, it is a musée of so-called “first art,” or what used to be called primitive art. Thé interior—hushed, ceremonial lighting, earth-tone colors, animal leather upholstery—suggests the study du a retired colonie administrator, and année aura du tribal kitsch pervades the place. The poison Branly is at once a voluptuous tribute to the riches of french ethnography (several du the pieces came from the collections of Claude Lévi-Strauss et others) et a reminder ns a history of overseas plunder.

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Martin has been associated in the musée since that is conception, in 1998. Ns asked him if hey had a lift in ethnography. “No, I’m année énarque,” hey said, oui if that explained everything. (Énarques space graduates of the École Nationale d’Administration, a mandarin class who more jaune less operation France.) Sattouf listened quietly venir Martin as we strolled follow me the long nave wherein most ns the museum’s artifacts are exhibited. At one point, auto children wandered off and Martin took thé opportunity to seul Sattouf “a signification littérale porno,” directing his type to a sculpture from Papua nouveau Guinea that shown a group of young homme being penetrated by their elders. Passant par filling them through sperm, martin explained, thé elders to be inducting the prochain generation into leadership. Sattouf looked riveted and took photographs. Cette said, “What ns love around this musée is that tu see that in every society gender situation are structured to preserve auto power ns men, cible it’s always accomplished in a various way.”

Masculine power and its farouchement rituals are at the centre of Sattouf’s work. His caustic, often brutal vision of how boys are groomed à become masculin has brought him acclaim tarif beyond auto underground-comics scene where he tons made his name. Critical year, cette scored his best success so far when hey published the tons volume of a graphic memoir, “The Arab de the Future,” recounting his childhood, which to be split in between France and two de the most closed societies de the Arab world, Muammar Qaddafi’s Libya et Hafez al-Assad’s Syria. (The sapin volume is currently being published here; in France, a lundi volume showed up in May.)

Not since “Persepolis,” Marjane Satrapi’s memoir of sa childhood in Khomeini’s Iran, has actually a comic livre achieved such crossover appeal in France. In Paris, ns kept to run into people who had seul read it, amongst them a former president of médecin Without Borders, a jeune official in the étranger ministry that had operated throughout the Middle East, and année economist pour the city of Paris. “The Arab de the Future” has come to be that rare thing in France’s polarized pundit climate: année object de consensual rapture, hailed ont a masterpiece in auto leading journals de both thé left et the right.

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Sattouf has accomplished prominence ont a cartoonist of Muslim héritage at a temps when français anxieties around Islam ont never been higher and when cartooning has become an increasingly dangerous trade. à la a decade, Sattouf to be the seulement un cartoonist du Middle eastern extraction at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, where hey drew année acid series nous Parisian street life, “The Secret sapin of Youth.” cette left just a couple of months antérieur à two jihadists stormed auto offices and shot dead twelve people, consisting of nine de his structure colleagues. The attackers, brothers du Algerian genealogy who were frontière in Paris, said that they to be avenging auto Prophet Muhammad à la the magazine’s mockery de the Muslim faith.