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La la source Tranquille is situated appropriate in thé middle du the small town de Mouy, within a few minute walk ns the centre. Mouy is in thé Oise, thé southern most département of thé Hauts-de-France region ns France. Paris is just année hour"s conduire away and the ferry ports ns Le Havre et Calais are deux hours away par car.Local charme include auto cathedrals de Beauvais and Senlis, auto chateau at Chantilly and the template parks ns Parc Astérix and Disneyland Paris. Monet"s Garden and van Gogh"s Auveres-sur-Oise space within easy reach.This is compton cycling are , either à la easy rides following the river et railway line, or further afield into auto rolling hills de the Vexin.

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The adjacent châteaux at Chantilly, Troissereux and Pierrefonds room stunning examples of french architecture and are open à visitors

an ARTIST'S dream

Many famed artists came to appreciate auto qualities de the region. Monet, van Gogh and van Beek all had studios locally

layout PARK paradis

Want à visit Disneyland Paris but not parce que le the entirety holiday? It"s just an hours périple away. Also closer to se garer Astérix, or Parc terne Paul parce que le younger children

BREATHTAKING sanctuaries

If you"re a ventilateur of Gothic architecture you"re in happiness! This region is known as the "land of cathedrals" through each town contending with thé next for the many stunning design


The Hauts-de-France region of france saw an ext than its fair share de conflict in auto last century - much of cette within visiting éliminer from ours gite

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France is correct famous pour its cuisine. Our region is blessed with many restaurants offering good, loger cooked, locally developed fare (and a few clôture takeaways if you want to stay in!)


We live in one ns the best regions in France pour cyclists cible there are plenty more options whether elle wish à watch or take part; native horseracing to windsurfing


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