Portrait of george dyer talking

Francis Bacon (1909-1992),Portrait of George Dyer Talking,titled and dated "Portrait du George Dyer talk 1966" (on auto reverse),oil nous canvas,78 cf 58in. (198.2 cf 147.3cm.).

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Painted in 1966. Price realized £42,194,500 ($70,042,870).Photo Christie"s la peinture Ltd 2014

LONDON.- nous 13 February, Christie’s london evening auction de Post-War & Contemporary de lart realised a total of £124,192,000/ $206,158,720/ €151,017,472 marketing 83% de lot et 95% by value et achieving the 2nd highest ever before total for a europe Auction ns Post-War & modern Art*. Thé top price ns the evening to be paid for Francis Bacon’s Portrait ns George Dyer Talking, i m sorry sold parce que le £42,194,500/ $70,042,870/ €51,308,512, a enregistrer price at auction à la a single panel de the artist (illustrated above). This an outcome follows thé record-breaking sale of Francis Bacon’s triptych de Lucian Freud which sold à la $142 million at Christie’s nouveau York in November 2013. 5 further enregistrer prices were collection during tonight’s auction including pour several generations of britanique artists such ont yBas from the Sensation démontrer Jenny Saville, Gary Hume et 1960’s works par Bridget Riley and Gerald Laing.

Combined with Tuesday evening’s auction ns Eyes large Open; année Italian Collection, which establish £38,427,400/ $63,020,936/ €46,074,453 and set 14 artist records, this week’s enchères of Post-War et Contemporary art at Christie’s ont realised £162,619,400/ $269,179,656 / €197,091,925 - a record total for a week du Post-War & Contemporary auctions in europe (The Post-War et Contemporary de lart Day Auction takes place tomorrow, 14 February, at 1pm; 90s’ venir Now, the online-only auction, is open up until 20 February).

Francis Outred, international Director and Head du Post-War & contemporary Art, Christie’s Europe: ““The astonishing energy and depth de bidding at this evening’s auction follows nous from the enregistrer auction de Post-War and Contemporary de lart in new York critical November, and it is fitting the this sale, choose that one, was led passant par a Francis Bacon masterpiece. Thé strong outcomes were underpinned par the quality ns the works et driven passant par global demand, v both new and established bidders indigenous Europe, amérique and Asia contending at the sale. This evening nous presented an exceptional grouper of works representing pinnacle moment from every decade de the last 60 years, et as a result nous saw significant achievements parce que le many areas ns the market pour Post-War art, with 6 artist breaking records and rising to new marché levels. From the 1960s conditions météorologiques saw enregistrer prices pour Gerald Laing, whose work was included at thé When frère Went musique pop exhibition at Christie’s Mayfair critical year; Bridget Riley and Domenico Gnoli, whose success follows Tuesday evening’s groundbreaking auction for Post-War Italian art which set 14 artist records. Much more recently, thé YBA group of artists shown in the RA’s emotion exhibition to be re-established in the international market, with record prices pour Gary Hume et Jenny Saville reflecting that their work continues to resonate. Nous are additionally thrilled to ont been able à work with damien Hirst in selling Mickey pour such a high price and, most importantly, à la such a good cause oui Kids Company”.

Camila Batmanghelidjh, Kids company Founder and Chief Executive: “Some childlike magic taken place tonight at Christie’s. End £900,000 was produced through the daller of damien Hirst"s painting and, in reality, Mickey came to the rescue du some de the most vulnerable children. This de largent will change lives; from the bottom of my heart thank you, Damien et thank you Christie’s.”

Damien Hirst: "Brilliant and amazing! Sad venir see Mickey go cible that is a good result, I"m so pleased à be able venir help kids Company".


Francis Bacon’s Portrait de George Dyer Talking, sold à la £42,194,500/ $70,042,870/ €51,308,512 (estimate dessus request) setting a prendre note price pour a seul canvas by Francis Bacon at auction and the most expensive work of post-war & contemporary de lart sold at auction in Europe. Enforcement in 1966, this is the most far-reaching large-scale portrait ns George Dyer à be readily available in end a decade. Widely celebrated since ce was sapin shown in paris in auto year du its creation, this painting was additionally exhibited at thé artist’s legendary life museum retreat at the énormément Palais in parisien in 1971. Ce was last viewed at auction at Christie’s new York in 2000 when cette sold pour $6.6 million – a record price parce que le the artist at the time.


Gerhard Richter’s Abstraktes Bild (1989) sold pour £19,570,500/ $32,487,030/ € 23,797,728 (estimate conditions météorologiques request). Arguably the greatest Richter abstract ever à come à auction, this occupational hails from auto finest duration in Richter’s abstraction and is a an essential example du this abstract style that would become synonymous with auto artist et that hey would revenir to time et again transparent his career. These lieu de travail dating from 1988 v 1992 are the product de a long détection into auto possibilities ns painting spanning an ext than five decades et are auto purest articulation of auto artist’s improvised technique.

Gerhard Richter (b. 1932), Abstraktes Bild,signed, numbered et dated ‘709 Richter 1989’ (on thé reverse),oil on canvas,102.1/8 voir 78.7/8in. (259.4 cf 200.3cm.).Painted in 1989.Price Realized£19,570,500($32,487,030). Image Christie"s la peinture Ltd 2014

Jeff Koons’s Cracked Egg (Magenta) (1994-2007) sold pour £14,082,500/ $23,376,950/ € 17,124,320 (estimate: £10 million à £15 million). A centre sculpture from Jeff Koons’ highly acclaimed solemn event series, this is thé most significant work de the artist to be offered in londres since 2008, where ce realised 12.9 million. The most recent enregistrer was set at Christie’s nouveau York in 2013 i beg your pardon saw ballon Dog (Orange) selling parce que le $58.4 million, setup a new world auction record pour a life artist. One de five unique two-part Cracked Egg sculptures fabriquer from precision engineered, mirror-polished stainless steel et finished with année exterior translucent coating ns magenta (the others space red, violet, blue et yellow), Cracked Egg represents a feat of technical virtuosity resulting in auto impossibly thin, vulnerable appearance du the shell.

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Jeff Koons(B. 1955),Cracked Egg (Magenta),mirror-polished stainless steel through transparent colour coating;(i) 65 cf 62.5/8 cf 62.5/8in. (165.1 cf 159.1 voir 159.1cm.);(ii) 39.3/8 voir 62.5/8 voir 62.5/8 (100 cf 159.1 x 159.1cm.).Executed in 1994-2006, this occupational is one de five unicité versions.Price Realized£14,082,500($23,376,950).Photo Christie"s la peinture Ltd 2014

Damien Hirst’s Mickey sold pour £902,500/ $1,498,150/ € 1,097,440 (estimate: £300,000-500,000). Hirst to be invited de Disney à create a work-related of de lart that combines the fun et energy ns Mickey muxel with Hirst’s own trademark style. Thé result is the ultimate point out painting, taking disparaître from Mickey’s round shapes. Hirst is donating all proceeds de the sale to enfants Company, auto charity started in 1996 par Camila Batmanghelidjh which offers practical, emotional et educational appui to delicate inner-city children et young toutes les personnes in London et Bristol.

Damien Hirst (b. 1965),Mickey,signed double ‘Damien Hirst’ (on the reverse and on auto stretcher); titled and dated ‘’Mickey’ 2012’ (on the reverse),household gloss on canvas,72 voir 41.1/2in. (182.9 voir 105.4cm.).Painted in 2012.Price establish £902,500 ($1,498,150).Photo Christie"s d’image Ltd 2014

Domenico Gnoli’s black Hair (1969) sold for £7,026,500 / $11,663,990 / €8,544,224 (estimate: £1.2 million – 1.8 million). Only months avant his tragically early death at the âge of 37, Domenico Gnoli’s le noir Hair was created at thé pinnacle de his career (estimate: £1.2 million to £1.8 million, portrayed right) et was previously in the chercheur demploi of auto celebrated de lart collector and patron take care of Torczyner. In 1969, Gnoli created twenty-one paintings et many de these, including couleur noire Hair, rank amongst his greatest et most-recognised works, with a num of them now in international museum collections.

Domenico Gnoli (1933-1970),Black Hair,signed, titled et dated "D. Gnoli 1969 "Black Hair"" (on thé reverse),acrylic et sand conditions météorologiques canvas,67 cf 59in. (170 voir 150cm.).Executed in 1969.Price establish £7,026,500 ($11,663,990).Photo Christie"s image Ltd 2014

Bridget Riley’s chant 2 sold parce que le £2,882,500/ $4,784,950/ €3,505,120 (estimate: £2.5 million-3.5 million) setup a enregistrer price à la the artist at auction. Debuted at thé 34th Venice deux ans of 1968, en chantant 2 is one of only three paints which announced Bridget Riley’s commemorated foray right into colour, for which elle was awarded the prestigious internationale Painting prize, making sa the tons woman et first Briton à win this de nombreux accolade. Situated alongside to est différent ground-breaking colour work-related Late Morning, now housed in thé permanent circuits électoraux of Tate, London, et Cataract 3, in the britanique Council Collection, chant 2 is amongst the sapin works that marque the artist’s leave from the binary confines ns monochromatic black et white.

Jenny Saville’s plan (1993) sold parce que le £2,098,500/ $3,483,510/ €2,551,776 (estimate: £800,000 – 1,200,000) setting a enregistrer price à la the artist at auction. Jenny Saville’s puissant self-portrait masterpiece Plan, carte the topography ns the artist’s very own corpulent meat blueprinted de the plastic surgeon’s pen. Contained in the seminal emotion exhibition at the royal Academy, londres in 1997, destiné became part of a defining des moments in thé history du the young frère artists (yBa).

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*The highest arme à feu for an auction du Post-War and Contemporary art in leurope  was developed in june 2012 at Christie’s london (£132.8 million / $207.3 million).