Plan Metro Paris Ligne 6

Beware ns Pickpockets

Pickpockets are unfortunately really well implemented conditions météorologiques the Parisian métro network. Approximately 100 new snatching boîte are held de the policier in paris every day. That doesn’t average that you should be concerned nor prevent taking the metro, cible you need to be extremely careful, more than you usually are. Having actually a wallet or a téléphone stolen while traveling conditions météorologiques a metro line in paris without noticing cette on auto moment, is something that happens many temps a day, so you must take your precautions venir not be the suivant victim. The parisian officier de police highly recommends venir travel v anti-theft bags. Those pantalon are manufactured in a method that cette makes ce very different to open them quickly to take quel is inside. Therefore, cette is extremely difficult pour the pickpockets à deal v those bags. Different sizes space available, from the backpacks (available here), to the handbags (here is how it looks like) or shoulder les poches (example here).

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Paris métro 6

Line 6 of the métro of parisien serves the southern part ns the city par drawing a fifty percent circle from auto Champs-Élysées avenue à Nation métro station. It has a length de 13 kilometers. Half du the line is above ground et offers a beautiful view nous the Eiffel Tower. More than 100,000,000 passengers usage Paris métro 6 every year.

Tourist vue de voir on Paris métro line 6

Paris métro 6 is an important heat that numerous tourist use, to reach auto Eiffel Tower in particular.

Paris metro line 6 stations

Paris metro 6 has auto particularity to have many utilities. Cette serves various tourist monuments, année important train station, and major gare which offer good connections to other metro and RER lines.

Charles aux Gaulle – Étoile : Located conditions météorologiques the top ns the Champs-Élysées avenue prochain to the arc de Triomphe, ce is one de the biggest metro station in Paris, supplying connections à the henn metro and RER lines.Montparnasse – Bienvenüe : The metro station serves mont rapide train station, a de nombreux of people are travel from there. Ce offers an excellent connections to other metro lines.

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Nation : Place du la pays square is situated there, the station also offers an excellent connections to divers metro et RER lines.

Paris métro line 6 serves an important transport site

Train gare Gare Montparnasse is situated at montparnasse – Bienvenüe metro station. Tu can take it there a train to thé west part de France, Britanny et Mont-Saint-Michel for example.

Paris métro line 6 is connected to thé following métro lines

Ticket price

Standard Ticket

The price de a métro ticket is 1,90€. T-ticket is valid parce que le 1 journey in between 2 stations de diffusion only, you cannot use cette again after exiting the métro of Paris. Tu can find an ext details nous the website of RATP.

Paris Pass

If you destinées to use auto metro and RER much more than once a day, cette might it is in a better idea to buy The paris Pass. Amie will oui unlimited accessibility to thé bus, metro and RER network within Paris. The parisien Pass additionally includes entrance to the louvre Museum, the Palace de Versailles, the révérence de Triomphe and many différent monuments and attractions in Paris. reminder : Use thé 4 Day paris Pass venir Save end €90.00 conditions météorologiques Ticket Costs.

Paris metro line 6 schedule

Paris métro 6 operation every day du the week including saturdays et sundays. Cette runs every 1 venir 10 minute on weekdays, et every 4 à 10 minutes on weekends.

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The first metro leaves gare Charles de Gaulle – Étoile et Nation at 5:30 in both directions every day, including weekends. The last metro leaves stations Charles du Gaulle – Étoile and Nation in both direction at 0:41 every day during auto week, and at 1:41 conditions météorologiques saturdays and sundays.