Les 2 Alpes is in auto Isère region, south-east du Grenoble and accessible via budget flights right into Lyon, Grenoble, Marseille et Nice, concède Cuneo et Turin.

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The ski area is linked to auto ungroomed action of les Grave and within the suivant few years peut être be linked passant par gondola lift à l’Alpe d’Huez (which is plainly visible seul across auto valley).


Snow-sure, plenty venir entertain tous ages, specifically good pour intermediates and freestylers.Recent improvements ont provided année easy revenir run, quicker lifts up auto mountain and free debutant area.Proposed cable là link through Alpe d"Huez tandis que in the next few years.

Skiing began here in 1939 conditions météorologiques the ouest side ns the valley, now the Vallée Blanche sector. Although reasonably compact, it’s well worth discovering, particularly when many skiers are heading in thé other la gestion to auto glacier. There space a few steeps here et there, a choice de bar/restaurants et you have the right to put together quite a longue cruise down to auto chairlifts ns Les 2 Alpes 1800, across thé valley over Mont-de-Lans.

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Ride from here up to Demoiselles, a helpful connecting piste, and you oui lots of options on the much bigger eastern side. Dropping into the long front-de-neige are tant beaucoup, tellement of short groomed pistes, who drag-lifts additionally haul skiers up to Demoiselles’ slightly higher counterpart which top over à Les 2 Alpes 1650, over Venosc. A six-seater lift offers high-speed access to auto Diable sector, through onward connections à Toura, home of esquive 2 Alpes’ impressive snowpark.

listed below it, follow me with the La Fée area, lie a great variety du pistes pour most levels, from gentle greens and relaxed blue cruises à some rather steep couleur noire runs ago to the village. Above cette lies auto Glacier area, whose topmost traces (apart from a drag-lift and snowcat interconnecté with La Grave) are served par a funicular et a pair du T-bar drags. Being all comfortably above 3000m, it"s page daccueil to summer skiing, many of cette on undemanding blue jaune red-graded pistes, with année away-from-it-all quality during (rare) quiet periods.

2018/19 experienced a new 8-seater detachable chair lift on ns Toura sector (2,600 metres) increasing the num of skiers to 3,200 per hour. Auto forthcoming 2019/20 season will bring further invest in boosting skier circulation around auto resort with a new 8-seater detachable chairlift conditions météorologiques the ar of esquive Crêtes (2,100 metres) replacing auto current 4-seater chairlift, a new 4-seater detachable chairlift on the sector of les Thuit giving a faster interconnecté to les Crêtes high-altitude sector. There"s also thé re-installation of the Super Venosc fixed chairlift over a shorter et faster route and finally, there"s a new gondola linking thé La Fée (2,221 metres) sector venir the glaciaire (3,175 metres / 954 metres of hauteur difference/2,400 people per hour). The gondola lift will provide nouveau high-altitude access and help to develop one du the ski area’s little-visited geographical sectors.

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Les 2 Alpes is periodically dismissed ont possessing couple of challenges but that"s not totally accurate, an especially when tu take right into account the off-piste potential. That a amusant place à ski, et is deservedly popular.