Place De La Bastille 1789

Most English speaking people appel the French national holiday of 14 July ‘Bastille Day’ – supposedly after the storming du the Bastille in 1789. For the French, however, the intérieur holiday is known ont the Fête nationale. July 14 commemorates thé Fête aux la ligue of 14 July 1790 – which to be then a celebration of the end of a year of political turmoil that followed the storming ns the Bastille. Today auto focal alloue of this anniversary is a military défilé along thé Champs-Élysées, the oldest and largest consistent military parade in Europe. Marqué what de the Bastille today? thé fortress in parisien more properly known oui Bastille Saint-Antoine.

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Outline ns the fortress traced in cobblestones.

Original Bastille wall surfaces lines the Bassin de l’Arsenal.

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Visiting the Remains of the Bastille

The Place aux la Bastille is at thé intersection of three ns Paris’s arrondissements, namely thé 4th, 11th and 12th. The locations du the various remains de the Bastille mentioned above are marked nous the map below.Admittedly, thé remains of the Bastille prison are probably not going à feature the highly conditions météorologiques anyone’s list du must watch historical sites internet in Paris. As meagre as they are, however, they room there pour anyone wanting à visit auto site de the Parisian uprising ns 14 July 1789. Parce que le anyone interested in auto history de Paris, thé Carnavalet Museum, i m sorry is not that frais from Place ns la Bastille, is a must.

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Guided Tours of the Sites du the french Revolution in Paris

There is seul so much to do and see in Paris, in reality there are well over 700 tours and activities, but the complying with four selected guided tours are specifically around Paris and the français Revolution in 1789:

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