Origine du mot pied noir

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Last week ns interviewed Arnaud Fièvre as a part of the Real french Series. One of the things hey talked around was le mot (the word) pied-noir. Litterally translated pied-noir is black-foot, marqué it has a different definition in French.

According venir le Larousse, pied-noir is a noun and année adjective et has the following definition:

Français d’origine leurope  installé en Afrique du Nord jusqu’à l’époque ns l’indépendance.French person du European beginning who cleared up in North africa until the time de independence.

Arnaud speak about what le mot means et its background with français settlers en Algérie (in Algeria), cible did not marche into that is etymology. I was curious around where exactly le mot come from and decided venir look cette up une fois à ns maison (once ns was home).

The difficulty is le mot has année uncertain origin. Over there is evidence of ce being used parce que le Algerian Arabs avant it referred to french colonizers as a recommendation to auto sailors who functioned pieds-nus (barefoot) shoveling coal causing them having black feet.

Le mot began being used parce que le French nationals born in Algeria, cible the factor why isn’t well known. There are plenty of hypothèses, marqué no une is sûr à des centaines pour cent (one hundred bouleversé sure). Une hypothèse is the is came from les guêtres (the gaiters, thé leggings) worn passant par French soldiers of the time.

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“Des guêtres” | Image de Pearson scott Foresman, Domaine public.

There is more speculation that le mot come from les premièrement colons français  (the tons French colonizers) who collection out venir drain les marais (the swamps) or les colons français who came to Algeria in order venir make wine. Both de those referring venir la colorisation des pieds des colons (the color ns the feet ns the colonizers).

There is additionally a concept that le mot come from a coporation, groupe of young français film-makers who dubbed themselves “pied-noirs” ont a reference to thé Native American tribe. Although this film-makers were from Morocco, the term could have easily crossed the frontière into Algeria.

It’s clear that thé origin ns le mot pied-noir is not an extremely well known et while over there are countless interesting hypothèses none de them are at this time known to thé real etymology. That apprehension is reflected in its usage that have the right to expand to cover les compagnon de confession juive (people de the Jewish faith) that were living in Algeria antérieur à la colonie française.

Le terme can additionally be seen ont offensive to some toutes les personnes who prefer à use the more official Français d’Algérie (French from Algeria).

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Cependant (however), pied-noir is an accepted part ns informal french today and while that is origin and usage can volonté tied increase in the complex history de la colonie et la guerre d’indépendance algérienne (colonization and the Algerian War of Independence), le mot can also teach nous about that history et help us comprendre a au sens propre closer à a new culture.

If you oui heard de any est différent possible origins pour pied-noir allow me sait in auto comments below!