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loger Detroit Pistons Jerami give - Detroit Pistons - Kia Tip-Off 2021 - Game-Worn combinaison Edition Jersey - scored Team-High 24 Points

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Oct 28, 2021 04:08:00 pm EDT
Nov 18, 2021 09:12:00 pm EST


Oct 29, 2021 01:50:13 matin EDT$570.00
Nov 5, 2021 12:21:05 matin EDT$550.00
Oct 30, 2021 09:27:02 un m EDT$510.00
Oct 30, 2021 09:24:16 un m EDT$470.00
Oct 30, 2021 09:24:14 être EDT$430.00
Oct 30, 2021 09:24:10 être EDT$390.00
Oct 30, 2021 09:24:07 am EDT$350.00
Oct 30, 2021 09:24:04 un m EDT$310.00
Oct 30, 2021 09:24:01 être EDT$270.00

The and MeiGray space proud to offer fans et collectors across the monde the opportunity venir own a piece ns history... a jersey worn in a Kia Tip-Off jeu on opened Night of the 2021-22 intérieur Basketball association regular season, de #9 Jerami Grant ns the Detroit Pistons. Grant wore this combinaison Edition jersey during auto Pistons" 94-88 opening Night loss to thé Chicago Bulls conditions météorologiques October 20, 2021 at au sens propre Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI. hey played 32 minutes et registered a team-high 24 points with 2 assists, 6 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 blocked shot. This white jersey, a dimension 50+6 inch extra length, is registered into the et MeiGray Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program as number DETE05257. MeiGray Group, thé Official Game-Worn Source du the, supplies collectors auto highest standards du authenticity for année exciting array of game-worn items. Every item comes directly off the backs ns the"s biggest players et directly off the courts from auto league"s most exciting occasions under the watchful eye of an or MeiGray representative. Visit à la the best et latest in game-worn jerseys et other memorabilia items.
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