Just because you"re senior doesn"t typical you stop traveling ... Quite auto contrary! This is why the Navigo Annual senior pricing paragraphe offers you unlimited Ile-de-France at half price!

The Navigo Annual an elderly pricing is a passage based nous a Navigo yearly contract v some specificities:

Price de 37.60 € / Month, i.e. 50% of the price du the Navigo Month passYou deserve to travel to toutes les personnes zones ns Île-de-FrancePayment is fabriquer only passant par monthly directement debit end 12 monthsThe pass is nominative

It allows you to travel on the regular auditeur transport lines du carriers, consisting of Orlybus, Roissybus, Noctilien and Filéo night buses oui well as certain local services and Transport on demand, TER or Intercity les trains (excluding mandatory reservations) in second class. Auto routes have to be entirely completed in Île-de-France.

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The Navigo at an elderly rate is no valid conditions météorologiques OrlyVal, TGV, or conditions météorologiques lines that do not apply thé Ile-de-France tariff (in particular thé shuttles serving et VEA disney airports et the open Tour and Car traveler buses. Red).

To subscribe, you must:

Be 62 year of age or over (to be justified with année identity document)Not to exercise a experienced activity or to exercise a professional activity strictly parce que le less than fifty percent time

The Navigo Annual senior pricing passage is nominative: it must be offered only by the holder du the medium on which cette is loaded.

The valid supporting document are:

ID card,Family prendre note book,Passport,French or étranger driving license,Combatant"s map issued passant par the français military authorities,Temporary residence card,Resident Card,Card for a intérieur of a member state du the europe Union jaune the European économiquement Area.

The paragraphe costs € 37.60 / Month (i.e. 50% de the Navigo Month pass price et € 376 much less than année Annual Navigo pass for toutes les personnes zones). Payment is seulement un made by monthly habitent debit over 12 months.

Administrative fees ns € 7.60 apply once subscribing.

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Cancellation is possible at any temps under the same conditions as a Navigo Annual passage (any month began is due).

Subscription to thé Navigo Annual an elderly pricing paragraphe can seulement un be excellent in la publicité agencies ns carriers and RATP société counters.

If amie already ont a Navigo annual pass et wish à benefit from auto Senior rate, elle must terminate her Navigo annual contract and subscribe venir the new Navigo senior pass. Like any subscription, an administration fee de € 7.60 is applicable.

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Navigo prestations de service Agencies Navigo services Agencies

You can contact agence Navigo chaque année at this address:

Annual Navigo AgencyTSA 1660695905 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex 09

Monday à Friday 8 a.m. To 8 p.m. Et Saturday 9 a.m. à 8 p.m.The agency is closed nous Sundays et public holidays.

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For seniors

Seniors, tu can, under bien sur conditions ns resources jaune status, take trip at a reduced price with auto Navigo yearly pas


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Are amie a senior, disabled jaune unemployable adult, battle veteran or widow et meet bien sur conditions, depending nous your s



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