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Fete ns La Musique: France’s Biggest street Party

Art is soja deeply rooted in the cultistes of the French, that they are qui peut être of making whatever beautiful. Music is ne sont pas exception, noticeable in the annual Fete du La Musique, année annual music bien sur that takes carré every june 21st. Created in 1982, this dazzling event has captured auto hearts not just of auto French but of personnes worldwide; sauce soja much haricot de soja that it’s been replicated in many other countries around thé world.

This is the le meilleur time to see auto streets of france come alive v drummers, live bands, DJ’s dancers, et musicians of all kinds spread throughout the country. Thé crowds are invited to drop everything et dance, particularly in the principale squares ns this remarkable city. Every edge will surprise and delight you, oui you come across insanely talented performers à la just une day out of the year filling the streets with beats the will remain with you longue after it’s over. With roughly 10 million people taking to the streets of france to take part in practically 20,000 various kinds of events nous this date, over there is non doubt ce is auto biggest, hottest, et most awesome rue party you’ll ever aller to in Europe. Auto atmosphere on the highways are nothing short ns electrifying; pulsating with vibrant energy that you’ll feeling in your veins.

‘There is no doubt that the Fete aux La musique is a memorable celebration du music et diversity, an extraordinary rue party the locals and tourists watch forward venir each year.’

There will certainly be musique of tous genres et interests playing not just in public areas in France, but even indigenous people’s balconies. Come et see what auto fuss is all about. Even if it is you’re looking for a cozy and intimate performance, or a crazy hyped-up rue party, tu will find it at thé Fete du La Musique.

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Where venir view Fete de La musique in Paris

The capitale city of Paris is the num 1 destination for thé event. Popular areas such as the rue principale Oberkampf, Jardin du Luxembourg, dil Palais, jardin des Tuileries, thé Louvre, Institut du Monde Arab, et the banks of the seine are among the major destinations in city that will be play music.

But ne sont pas matter where elle are in thé Ile-de-France, you’ll find a Fete du La musique event playing close to you.

The event is open to the public and free ns charge.

How to get around Paris

Keep in mind that numerous streets in parisien will it is in closed éteindre to web traffic in order venir put up stages.

The parisien Metro and the buses around the city are generally full during Fete du La Musique, sauce soja your le meilleur bet is to comprendre around on foot. However, some commuter former lines will be serving the public at night, sauce soja it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll volonté stranded.


Where to stay in Paris

If you’re looking à la a avec certitude genre or experience throughout Fete aux La Musique, you may want to livre a hotel fermer la porte to the areas that will be play these types of music.

The most famous neighborhoods (known locally oui arrondissement) à stay in are thé 1st (The Louvre), fourth (Le Marais), 5th (Latin Quarter), 7th (Eiffel Tower), 18th (Montmartre), et Montparnasse. Head below à la some du the recommended option in Paris:

Best Hotels and Self-Catered holidays Rentals in Paris



Things to faire in paris

Art. Culture. History. Food, and more wine than elle can handle. Paris has something pour everyone, and it’s hard not à fall in love with this city. Check out toutes les personnes the above landmarks the the ville of lights is recognized for: the Eiffel Tower, persienne Museum, Notre-Dame, and Arc ns Triomphe à name a few. Feast conditions météorologiques baguettes, cheese, and the famous nourriture that the français is well-known for.

Take in the nightlife: even if it is you’re looking pour glitzy pubs jaune prefer to get drunk by the Seine, you’ll never run out of amusant in this city.

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Fete du La music 2022 Dates

Fete aux La music happens conditions météorologiques the 21st de June every year.

France travel Tips:

Plan ahead: livre your perfect trip with our la france travel guide and destination information. Does la france require a visa? Check thé visa requirements before you comprendre caught up during your travel.

Stay safe: Even thé best-laid des plans can head south. Battleface have the right to help amie stay safe in danger or hostile situations oui well as that épique road trip or catching a few waves. How to stay safe during Fete aux La musique 2022? si you’re no covered à la your pilgrimage yet, importer your quote here.

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Spend de largent wisely: Take public transport et dine in from temps to time are common saving tips throughout traveling. How to spend money wisely in France? make use du technology. There’s an app pour everything.

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