Meteo gorges du verdon 14 jours

You want to practice some tasks inside auto Verdon Gorges ? venir make your continue to be unforgatable, europe highest Canyon du has a de nombreux up his sleeve ! Whitewater activities, hiking, mountain biking, … Alone, with your spouse or with your family, the Verdon Gorges has actually a beaucoup to sell !


Finding a quiet beach nous the 3d largest lake of la france isn’t that super of a task. Amie only oui to go alongside the banks à be "somewhat" alone with maman Nature. Pour those who want to comprendre inside europe highest canyon, elle can rent a pedal boat, a kayak, a paddle or an electric boat.

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Nautical activities


Where have the right to you aller kayak inside auto canyon ?


Kayaking or canoing is a must do in this territory. L’Etoile nautical aménagements is the closest from auto Canyon. Positioned at Galetas Bridge, they rental kayak et canoes. Elle will oui to paddle thé turquoise water a little avant passing under Galetas bridge and reaching the huge cliffs du the gorges.


From la gestion Sainte-Croix Lake conditions météorologiques the D957 road. Nous your right, avant Galetas Bridge, is a parking beaucoup to l’Etoile Nautical Base. Cette is meilleur to come in auto morning si you nothing want to be in thé hustle de the day.


transaction de crédit photo : Marco Bono

This nautical base doesn’t take any type of reservation. You oui to aller directly nous site to rent her kayak et go inside the gorges. Seulement un 2km are permitted inside. Amie can rental a boat à la 2 hours très which is enough venir paddle in et out one of two people you’re a begginer or an experienced paddler.

To rental a pedal boat in the Verdon Gorges


At l’Etoile Nautical établissement you can likewise rent pedal boats up à 5 persons. Oui well as kayaks et canoes, tu can seul rent it parce que le 2 hrs maximum. You will live an unforgatable suffer surrounded par these fantastiques cliffs. Favour auto morning pour this task ; the place is less crowded et the colours room splendid when thé sun shines through auto ridge above.


Aquatic activities in the Verdon Gorges


The meilleur of auto activities to do


Where à raft ?

To begin rafting activities, you must aller to Castellane (1 hour périple from through auto D952 road). Auto road à Castellane is additionally a an excellent experience oui you will conduire on a samll and bending road meet with alloue of views above thé river. After traversée La Palud elle will aller down auto road venir meet the river et see thé whitewaters amie will later oui to face.


Our partners offer rafting sessions from April à October (depending on the weatherforcast). Click on the switch below à access to thé list of all our parntners.

Hydrospeed : for more sensations

To mingle with the sortie you can do hydrospeed indigenous April à October. Equiped with a full wetsuit, fins and a float watercraft named «hydrospeed», tu are prêt to allow yourself go with the waves. You don’t need to be endure to aller this activity and have fun.

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Canyoning inside the Verdon Gorges

With this task you ont to be multi-skilled : you will have to hike, climb and swim into thé whitewaters to enjoy the métro spots du the Canyon ; cible also aller down zip-lines, faire rapelling, run into thé water… A lot of circuit exist so si you are beginner nothing be afraid, yes sir a path made parce que le you somewhere !

You also have the opportunity to faire Aqua Trekking à la a job in the depths du the Canyon.


Hiking in Verdon organic Park


You would quite hike in auto Natural Park to enjoy the landscapes ? elle are in the right place. We ont no less than 23 henn hiking trails venir offer you.

Hiking in auto depths of the Canyon

2 legendary trails will allow you venir follow the rer : L’Imbut et Blanc-Martel. Amie can uncover more information here.




Hiking around

Around our village you room inside Verdon natural Park et with beautiful mission of views ns the Sainte-Croix Lake, Valensole and Vénascle Plateau. Vincel trace is a 4 hrs round trip offering numerous panoramas avant going back inside auto mediaeval streets du


Valensole’s Plateau


During lavender flower (around célibataire 15 et July 15) quel a joie to go pour a walk v these violet fields. Bicycle lover will oui a chanceux to discover Valensole’s plateaux trhough mountain bike trails jaune departmental roads. 800km² wide, the tablette has a de nombreux to offer.

Bike rental in auto Verdon

In tu can find 2 rentals for électrique bikes et mountain bikes. Elle will additionally find professional to advise you on the le meilleur trails et paths according à your needs. Approximately Sainte-Croix Lake or nous the pays of Valensole Plateau, enjoy thé efficiency of électricité bikes venir visit the Natural Park.

Crédit d’image : Philippe Murtas

In a word,, at thé entrance de the Verdon Gorges, provides you the possibility to mélanger recreation through relaxation, culture and sports for année unforgettable holiday. Nous are waiting pour you !

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hiking follow in thé Verdon

What space the faisabilité trails in the Canyon of the Verdon.