The England players cannot believe je vous demande pardon has taken place after an abject puissance ended in Euro 2016 departure at thé hands de Iceland. Photograph: JMP/REX/Shutterstock
The England players can not believe quel has occurred after an abject performance ended in Euro 2016 departure at thé hands de Iceland. Photograph: JMP/REX/Shutterstock

For roy Hodgson ce was a desperate et ignominious way à end his four years as England manager. Everything else happened in that time, his period in office will probably constantly be remembered pour the full-on insulte that add this defeat and the knowledge it will location among thé more notorious results in auto history ns the intérieur team.

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How can ce be thought du any in different way when auto suffering came versus a nation with a population roughly thé size du his patrie town de Croydon et absolutely non history of tournament football? quel heroes islande were: brave, organised, superb. They have established themselves ont the best story de Euro 2016 and it feels nearly like a trick du the imagination that ce is only four years since they to be ranked 133rd in auto world. That, however, will not lessen auto embarrassment à la England, their departing manager et a set ns players who chronically under-performed after cheminée Rooney’s at an early stage penalty.

Iceland played with courage, skill and togetherness et might additionally fancy their chances against la france in Sunday’s quarter-final. England, in stark contrast, dramatically lost their way oz their lead had been wiped out and Hodgson resigned because hey knew there was absolutely no way his contract would be renewed. England will certainly have un autre manager à la the suivant World Cup, Hodgson’s regime will it is in defined passant par a result similaire to losing to auto United states in thé 1950 civilization Cup and the now-familiar inquest will begin again in a nation that likes to see itself as football royalty.

And so it fizzled venir its fermer la porte with Gary Cahill galloping about as an extra centre-forward, mutinous chants de “you’re not droit to wear thé shirt,” from auto England followers et Hodgson’s media staff announcing cette would not take any type of questions. Joe Hart organized up année arm apologetically towards auto supporters. Mostly auto players were nous their knees. Part hid their affronter in auto turf and, oz again, interroger will have to it is in asked about quel stifles them in brothers colours. How could cette possibly be, just parce que le starters, that Harry Kane finished critical season oui the premier League’s leading scorer cible played soja badly? Kane did more than anyone à provoke thé crowd’s dissent through his overhit passes et misdirected shots.

England absolutely had the employé to save themselves after that wild 15-minute order in the first half when iceland – little, patronised iceland – score twice to turn the jeu upside down. This, however, was a dismal night for Rooney, Daniel Sturridge et particularly Kane. Raheem sterling won thé penalty that provided England their early on lead cible did au sens propre otherwise to justify his remind and, defensively, it must have been startling for Hodgson to see auto way castle capitulated.

Iceland’s sapin goal came from une of aaron Gunnarsson’s longue throws et precisely auto kind of routine that, according to Hodgson, had been uppermost in brother thoughts during their maintain sessions. The seconde was autre reminder that thé modern-day England côté simply faire not have the outstanding centre-backs ns previous tournaments. It was also, oz again, a an individual ordeal for the significantly accident-prone Hart.

England’s goalkeeper may bellow auto words à the national anthem an ext vigorously 보다 any of his team-mates but in the rather more considérable issues he has end up being a attention to his very own side.

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Hart’s mistake when Kolbeinn Sigthorsson scored Iceland’s second goal was no quite as wretched oui the one he let in native Gareth Bale in auto Wales allumettes but, to put ce kindly, it was de nouveau shot hey should ont kept out. Hart’s carelessness has end up being a recurring theme. Non team deserve to be this generous at the back et expect to comprendre away through it.

All du which appeared nothing short ns remarkable bearing in mind that only three minutes had elapsed when Sturridge’s curling passage sent sterling running into auto penalty area et Iceland’s goalkeeper, Hannes Halldorsson, brought him down à give away a penalty. Rooney aimed the ball, low et hard, to the goalkeeper’s right et at that stage England’s pendant might have been lulled right into thinking this was année evening as soon as their team would certainly win with something à spare.

Instead auto equaliser come within two minutes and was bordering nous tragicomedy given that cette was the first time Gunnarsson had actually hurled in the ball from auto touchline. England, Hodgson had actually told us, knew tous about this trick et would be drilled venir guard against it. Yet it was difficult to see any type of hard evidence. One Icelandic centre-half flicked the ball on, the second ran in and applied the définitif touch. Rooney had actually been beaten par Kari Arnason parce que le the life header et Kyle walker was even an ext culpable in thé way hey failed to cover Ragnar Sigurdsson’s run into auto six-yard area.

Iceland’s seconde goal followed in auto 18th minutes and, in fairness to Hart, cette was not auto only une at fault. Cahill et Chris Smalling both stood off ont Gylfi Sigurdsson, Jon Dadi Bodvarsson et Sigthorsson exchanged passes nous the edge of the penalty area. Sigthorsson moved in in between England’s centre-halves, took aim v his appropriate foot et Hart to be diving to his left, just as he did for the Bale goal, when cette helped thé ball into the net.


Iceland’s Kolbeinn Sigthorsson celebrates after scoring. Photograph: Claude Paris/APEngland were rattled and, par half-time, starting to look a little desperate. Rooney might be viewed slashing insanity at a volley that needed control. Dele Alli resorted to diving to try venir win a penalty. Passe were misplaced and, though England walk threaten to volonté behind your opponents, islande did not simply retreat oz they were ahead. They provided everything venir protect your lead cible when they had actually the joie to aller forward this tough, obdurate side did so with confidence.

One moment typified england’s inadequacies midway through the second half. England had actually a free-kick 40 yards out et Kane insisted nous shooting from année almost implausible distance, aiming his effort harmlessly vast and, again, attracting voluble disagreement from the fans packed behind auto goal.

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By that phase Hodgson had brought on Jamie Vardy in place of Sterling. Femme Wilshere had already come on at half-time, replacing Eric Dier, and Marcus Rashford was presented in auto 85th minute. Je vous demande pardon a statistic it is that Rashford completed much more dribbles – 3 – in that time than any différent England joueur throughout auto match. Hodgson had actually taken off Rooney when it surely made better sense to remove a defender. No one of cette worked and England will never ever live cette down.

Hodgson thanked the players and the media, and called his four-year tenure a ‘fantastic journey’ Guardian

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