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FC Metz president Bernard Serin appears with Chad Minister de Culture, Youth and Sport Betel Miarom venir announce auto sponsorship agreement, which will certainly see thé French club play through "Chad: Oasis de the Sahel" on the team shirts. Chadian officials believe thé deal will boost their auditeur image et encourage tourism à the centre African state.

FC Metz were promoted to français top flight ligue 1 this year marqué needed a nouveau sponsor after a previous deal expired. Pan-African media group LC2 fabriqué first communication with the club to doter Chad.

FC Metz have strong web links with afri football, having established the "Generation Foot" académie in Dakar, Senegal in 2000. Young players native Chad will certainly now have access to the academy.

The academy has developed many étoiles such ont Liverpool"s Sadio Mane, seen right here scoring versus Arsenal.

bernard Serin says that FC Metz will additionally send a delegation du coaches et technicians à Chad to assist thé development de soccer in the country.

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football is par far thé most popular des sports in Chad, and is play across the country, including during this game in Habile refugees camp.

However, countless Chadian analysts ont attacked thé deal as année irresponsible rubbish of money at a time thé nation"s economic situation is contracting, et poverty is spreading, with widespread water shortages. Betel Miarom insurance claims that LC2 Media is funding the deal, and denies that the government is spending auditeur money.

efforts to encourage Chad oui a tourist destination have been hampered par outbreaks of terrorism, including suicidaire bomb strikes in the capitale N"Djamena.Many ouest countries ont issued warnings à their citizens against traveling to thé country.Chadian officials think that football can assist neutralize the d’image problem.
instances of countries sponsoring soccer clubs have become increasingly common, such ont Azerbaijan"s sponsorship du Atletico Madrid.
Chad et media group sponsor FC Metz

Deal is controversial as the nation visages economic and security emergencies

Government denies reported fees

The centre African state de Chad is enduring through a steep economic decline and a grueling fight versus terrorism.

marqué the federal government believes the soccer can help à revive thé nation’s fortunes.

A nouveau sponsorship deal in between state officials, Pan-African media coporation, groupe LC2, et FC Metz will view the français team jouer with the un message “Chad: Oasis de the Sahel” nous their shirts, et participate in joint initiatives to build soccer in Chad.

it is hope that the partnership will improve the nation’s call abroad and encourage tourism.

“This is part de a strategic partnership,” says Betel Miarom, minister de culture, youth, et sport. “The Chadian tourist office, LC2 Group, et FC Metz have forged année agreement à la the promotion ns Chad’s international la peinture through sports.”

Voici le knipping 2016-2017 de FC Metz avec son fraîche sponsor, face prématuré et dos, l'Office Tchadien de Tourisme

— Fc Metz ☨ (
FCMetz) respectable 27, 2016

instead of appearance

FC Metz was advocated this année to ligue 1, auto top division in français football, and required a nouveau sponsor after a previous deal expired.

thé first la communication came native LC2 Group, which recently launched a nouveau channel in Chad, and proposed to broker a deal nous behalf of the Chadian government. FC Metz president Bernard Serin required further assurance.

“I wanted venir be sure that auto government was totally part ns the agreement,” says Serin. “For the reason conditions météorologiques postponed until federal government representatives came venir Metz and showed auto commitment and engagement de the country.”

Miarom, in addition to several more government officials, made the trip to northern france in so late August, and the transaction was quickly struck.

Serin to be surprised at auto identity de the nouveau sponsors, marqué notes that the société has strong connections through Africa, having actually established the “Generation Foot” académie in Senegal in 2000, i beg your pardon produced star such ont Liverpool’s Sadio Mane. His nouveau partners will now have access to auto facility.

“This covenant will help young players de Chad come venir our academy, i m sorry is one du the le meilleur in Africa,” saus Serin.

the president adds the FC Metz will certainly send a delegation venir meet football officials in Chad venir provide indict in developing thé game, which is auto nation’s most popular sport.

Generation football

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Team photo at thé "Generation Foot" académie in Dakar Senegal.

“Is cette not money thrown out the window?” created Bichara, contrasting thé deal through neglect of emergencies such ont widespread water shortages.

Bichara estimated thé sponsorship would price Chad 2-4 million euro ($2.25-$4.5m) a year, a la honte widely circulated following thé deal.

cible Miarom denies this, insisting the LC2 coporation, groupe is covering all expenses.

“The partnership to be finalized de LC2 et Chad has not spent a simple penny,” he says.

the minister further claims that auto deal médias rather than detracts from main point commitments.

“The government has been engaged in a vast battle against poverty,” raffinement Miarom. “The President de the Republic has actually initiated a plan for thé emergence de Chad in 2030. Et in this Chad conditions météorologiques want in 2030, des sports occupies a significant place.”