The “Espace Éducatif Saint-Louis”, Banankoro, i m sorry is currently known parce que le its many activities with and for women, has seulement opened a school.On October 17, 2020, Monsignor Zerbo welcomed with great joy the invite from thé Sisters of Charity ns St. Luigi in mali to bless the nouveau school. Pour the existing year, the Kindergarten (medium and large sections) as well oui the first et second years ns the primary écoles opened their doors… Then, year after year, the school will grow bigger…

When Fr. André Sylvestre, the founder du the Society du Our Lady de Perpetual Help, Tozia, asked thé Sisters de Charity de St. Louis in Haiti to take up responsibility pour a blended orphanage of 36 children, lock said: “YES”. Ce meant teaching from preschool à secondary 1 et running a dispensary et a farm. Thus, a community de four sister who ont engraved conditions météorologiques their hearts a quote native Mt 19: 14: "Let the children come to me" was established. God bless this nouveau venture!

The Sisters de Our Lady of Compassion were established in 1824 in Argenteuil by Mother Marie-de-la-Compassion that established auto Mother loger at St. Refuser in 1829 where elle opened a day et boarding school.In 1967, her Congregation combined with auto Sisters du Charity of St. Louis established in Vannes by Blessed Louise-Elisabeth.191 years later, the Sisters left St. Denis, discovering that a healthy and balanced tree continuellement to be afflicted with fruit as soon as its seeds are planted in love and tenderness.

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In 2019, Pope Francis stated that cette was command to: “Re-invent auto Global compact on Education” and in October 2020, hey launched The Compact. The internationale Union of surtout Superiors hurried à prepare a Webinar licensed has been granted The Global compacts on Education.

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“To it is in a compact, there should be at least deux persons”, the Pope said. The normal Superior, sisters Alberte Piché want to attend the Webinar; she asked SCSL active members à join elle on this e-mail venture from November 12-14. There to be 8 of them: 1 Canadian, le 3 Haitians, 2 Malagasy, 1 Malian et 1 Senegalese. Cette is a crucial moment for SCSL’s who “mission involves atelier in education et in human advancement in thé social et spiritual spheres”.

Now, those Sisters are ambassadors who they told us what animates them: “The dignity of human beings is at auto heart of ma vision.I want to respect diversity”. “I want to make the youth aware of the sens of relationships, to help castle appreciate thé elderly…” “I want to démontrer that life has meaning only when given venir others”. “I want to enhance respect for differences, acceptance ns one’s own culture et appreciation du differences in others, to encourager them à see others oui companions on their journey and not ont threats".

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"Never avant has there been such need to unite our tentative in a wide educational alliance”, thé Pope said oui he launched The Compact conditions météorologiques October 15th. To educate is constantly an acte of hope”, he said.