Buoyed by its success at Spa-Francorchamps et having secured second et third places nous the beginning grid in-class, Alpine is one de the LMP2 favourites. At the heart du the pre-race action, the voice de Hollywood gibbs Brad Pitt ring out: “Drivers, start your engines!”

A hefty downpour sees thé 60 cars start the cours at low-speed behind auto safety car oui the 84th edition de the ns Mans 24 hours revs officially right into life.

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The unpredictable weather complicates table choice, causing thé two Alpines à slip to 12th et 15th in the LMP2 class.Mastering auto damp and treacherous piste surface, Nicolas Lapierre et Nelson Panciatici waste no time at all in recovering perdu ground.Their respective team-mates Gustavo Menezes / Stéphane Richelmi and Ho-Pin Tung / David Cheng subsequently take over behind auto wheel et continue thé fightback as they rise to seconde (No36) et eighth (No35) positions. Parce que le the former, thé class-leading Thiriet par TDS gyeongju entry is now seul 16 seconds ahead and firmly within sight.


In thé paddock, with auto circuit enveloped de darkness, auto conversations are an ext muted. The madeteam elects à carry the end a full check-up ns the No36 car and the mechanics duly execute their routine, Adrenaline et good training provides them auto energy castle need to keep conditions météorologiques going v to auto end ns this marathon.Despite the constantly transforming reference points and the dazzling glare of headlights, auto two Alpines continue to couper through the shadows like shooting stars at speeds ns almost 300kph. The drivers compensate for the diminished visibility through razor-sharp concentration.

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As the morning sun breaks through, Nicolas Lapierre hands over venir team-mate Stéphane Richelmi. The young Monegasque driver slips conditions météorologiques his helmet et fireproof balaclava parce que le the définitif time, lowers his visor, handle into thé cockpit of the No36 car et tightens his security harness. As he leaves the pits, Stéphane’s sole se concentrer sur is conditions météorologiques maintaining the class lead in a tight à deux mains with auto N°26 G-Drive racing entry.



The N°5 Toyota holds a comfortable command in LMP1 when cette suddenly comes venir a halt conditions météorologiques the track seul one lap from auto end du the race, gifting an unexpected win to the No2 Porsche. This late twist is a stylish reminder that at le Mans, auto result deserve to never be taken pour granted. Cette is in this very charged setting that Nicolas Lapierre crosses the finish line to win thé LMP2 class, an interpretation that 38 years after the triumph ns Jean-Pierre Jaussaud and Didier Pironi, Alpine’s A460 write its own chapter in thé history de this iconic race et propels thé team et drivers alike to the top du the FIA LMP2 Endurance Trophy.When thé Marseillaise rings the end around auto circuit, thé crowd pours onto thé track.

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The legendary le Mans 24 hours is auto longest race conditions météorologiques the FIA world Endurance Championship calendar.Over the arttasters of what is a rapid 13.6km lap, corners such ont Tertre Rouge, Mulsanne, Arnage et Indianapolis, Porsche Curves and the Mulsanne Straight are pivotal et the stuff du motorsport folklore. In stimulate to aller the distance, cette is vital that a crew look at after that is car. This year once again, the ns Mans 24 hrs proved to be année emotive et unpredictable encounter for all of its rivals – truly a race like no other.