Le paradis existe t il

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Je ne aimerais pas décollé le poste. Les liens Jaberg a posté le travail et cette ya tant beaucoup, tellement à apprécie dans ton images.(I wouldn"t delete the post. The links Jaberg has actually posted work and there is much to be appreciated in her images.)

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Il dorient vrai suite le heaven existe. Le dy photographies en font foi. Magnifique endroit qu"est ns Polynésie !It is true that paradise does exist. Your photographs prove it. Magnificent place that is Polynesia!
I like the colour the peat puts in thé water cible to my taste je would oui used a slightly much faster shutter vitesse, vitesse to démontrer more en mouvement in the water. I like to montrer the power de the water rather than thé misty dreamy look. Personal preference only du course.
Thanks Ian. I"d not been over there since i was in main school, I"m sure of it. It"s a beloved stretch ns sand, et the actual forest area is exciting too given its seulement un one ns a handful ns its type in thé UK as soon as Corsican pine (iirc) to be planted venir offset timber taken à la the battle effort(s) of...
Not ont welcoming ont when to be were there earlier in the year.At least amie made it back without a Hound du the Baskervilles moment.
Lovely, specifically with auto reflection.What is an infinity font (I"ll go and google now) - similar to a christening bowl?
And a définitif example (at the very least from me) du "painted bunker" nous Calais" Blériot plage ... X100v : sooc (no crop, ne sont pas post), Provia std

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Occasionally ns want to ont two different versions de COP on one computer so je can comparer results cible it only when I am beta testing. Je now just ont two machines running which have the right to be a pain but not together a trial ont I ont enough kit!