Lambda = c/f

This frequency à wavelength calculator helps tu determine thé wavelength ns a waveform based on the frequency. Cette assumes that thé wave is travel at thé speed of light i beg your pardon is the caisse for many wireless signals. Auto entry unit ns frequency have the right to be modified, the output wavelength is calculate in meters.

Vous lisez ce: Lambda = c/f



λ = C/f


λ (Lambda) = Wavelength in meters

c = Speed ns Light (299,792,458 m/s)

f = Frequency

If elle want à calculate the Frequency indigenous Wavelength - Click here à use the Wavelength venir Frequency Calculator.

Understanding Frequency et Wavelength

What is Frequency?

The frequency of a waveform is the num of temps a finish waveform is repeated in a fixed temps period. Thé unit de frequency is attaque which corresponds à the num of waveforms the repeat in 1 second. So si a wave repeats 5 temps in une second that is frequency would certainly be 5 Hz.

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What is Wavelength?

The wavelength de a tide is the distance between two désarmer peaks or troughs of désarmer cycles. Ce is a characteristic ns both traveling waves and standing waves. It is denoted de lambda (λ) et it deserve to be stood for in devices of déménage like mm, cm, meters etc. Wavelength is inversely proportional à frequency.


Relationship between frequency and wavelength

In the boîte of travel waves, thé frequency ns a tide is associated to the wavelength du the wave et the la vitesse at which thé wave is traveling. Si a tide is relocating faster, the num of complete wave cycles the will finish in 1 seconde is higher than as soon as compared venir a slower wave. Haricot de soja the speed at which a tide is relocating is a very important factor as soon as determining its frequency.

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An important mission to remarque is that deux waves with various wavelengths can ont the same frequency. Soja lets assume, that wave 1 has a wavelength ns 1 cm et Wave 2 has actually a wavelength de 2 cm. To have the same frequency, wave 2 will need venir travel at a speed that is 2 fois Wave 1.

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