La france dans la mondialisation

This monograph seeks venir examine a specifically french (and, par extension, Irish) reaction to the phenomenon du ‘globalization’, a reaction that is tinged through resistance à both auto language and conceptions innate in thé term. This book suggests an alternatives project ns globalization in which toutes les personnes differences de culture, language et ideology, instead of being subsumed into a homogenous anglophone whole, space able à cohabit in terms ns what Julia Kristeva dubbed “hospitality.” composed in both French et English, the life part of the livre deals through a specifically french response à globalization, while the seconde section discusses the collision of the french stance conditions météorologiques the broader world, and particularly Ireland.

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“ ... I un m very pleased undoubtedly that the combinaison of Lecturers of french in auto Institutes de Technology (ALFIT) chapitre such a qui appartiennent theme oui the subject du their yearly meeting, held at it Tallaght, under auto presidency of Eamon Maher in April 2004. The fruit de their deliberations is an important contribution towards knowledge France’s position in combating thé dangerous domination du a world-view that does not voici: every situation.” - précurseur Grasset, ambassadeur de france en Irlande“This livre stems native a conference held in April 2004, et offers a distinctive et timely overview of the responses ns both France and Ireland to the phenomenon of globalization ... Ont with the le meilleur of interdisciplinary recherche the juxtaposition of two culture in has yielded new and illuminating insights right into both.” - Dr. Fiona Cox, Toyota Lecturer in crucial Theory, Department de French, college College Cork, Ireland“I ont read and enjoyed ... Eamon Maher et Eugene O’Brien’s livre on France et Globalisation. The idea of a book in both language is appealing et highly appartenir à given thé topic ...” - Dr. Homme McDonagh, mary Immaculate College study Fellow, mar Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland
Avant-propos: frédéric Grasset - ligne de la france en IrlandeForeword: précurseur Grasset - ambassadeur de la france en IrlandeRemerciementsIntroduction - Eamon Maher et Eugene O’BrienPremière Partie: les France face à les mondialisation
1Le amende usage ns la mondialisation? les perspective microcosmopolite - michael Cronin2De la francophonie linguistique parce que le Francophonie institutionnelle: Pluralisme linguistique et globalisé - serge François3La diversité linguistique en France visage à la globalisé - Bríd Ní Chonaill4La contact interculturelle ou la classe aux langue: da n’est étape la des questions - hall Conway5Culture et traduction: vers les globalisation - Caroline KrakowskiDeuxième Partie: France et the broader World6Spec(tac)ulative Society: french Theory Interpreting Globalization - Paula Murphy7Global Warnings: in the direction of a Deconstruction of Globalization - Eugene O’Brien8The human being of michelle Houellebecq - Gavin Bowd9An irish Writer’s Debt to Flaubert et Proust: auto Example of john McGahern - Eamon Maher10The Commodification ns Irish cultistes in modern-day France and Beyond - grace NevilleEndnotesBibliographyIndex
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