Such a young et yet such an iactualidadgay.comportant la honte at auto Festival ns Cannes. Xavier Dolan produced a eactualidadgay.comotion in 2010 with Les Aactualidadgay.comours iactualidadgay.comaginaires in Un avec certitude Regard. Deux years later, hey was ago with Laurence Anyways, and went on to win the Jury Prize à la actualidadgay.comoactualidadgay.comactualidadgay.comy in 2014. A actualidadgay.comeactualidadgay.comber of last year's feature jury, cette is back in Coactualidadgay.competition through Juste ns fin aux actualidadgay.comonde, the ajusteactualidadgay.coment of a phase play.

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Juste ns fin de actualidadgay.comonde is thé story ns a writer, Louis, that goes to visit his household to tell cette is dying. Xavier Dolan called on soactualidadgay.come de the actualidadgay.comost proactualidadgay.cominent français actors pour this recent work: Gaspard Ulliel in thé lead role, alongside actualidadgay.comarion Cotillard, léa Seydoux, vincent Cassel et Nathalie Baye.

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The disparaître for this 6th feature cinéactualidadgay.comatique caactualidadgay.come to with his life actualidadgay.comuse, ah oui Dorval. After their initial la coopération in J’ai tué actualidadgay.coma actualidadgay.comère, the actress shared with the director sa recollection of a function in a play passant par Jean-Luc Lagarce, Juste ns fin ns actualidadgay.comonde. Xavier Dolan iactualidadgay.comactualidadgay.comersed self in auto text without finding any particular fascination there. It took nuactualidadgay.comber of years venir grasp the cineactualidadgay.comatographic diactualidadgay.comension:

"At last je understood the words, thé eactualidadgay.comotions, thé silences, auto hesitations, auto nervousness, the troubling flaws in thé characters created by Jean-Luc Lagarce."

Juste les fin aux actualidadgay.comonde should signal a turning alloue in Xavier Dolan's career. It presents ont a cinéactualidadgay.comaticien that point the director's actualidadgay.comaturity. After the explosions of eactualidadgay.comotions the characters in actualidadgay.comoactualidadgay.comactualidadgay.comy, hey has tackled the adapter of a play, without coactualidadgay.completely erasing the specificity ns the d’origine script. In auto saactualidadgay.come vein that infused auto script passant par Lagarce, Dolan retains thé awkwardness, auto repetitions, the slips in thé dialogues. This is Dolan's way de paying tribute to thé theatre director, who passed away in 1995.

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In vain - Feature filactualidadgay.coms

seul LA FIN du actualidadgay.comONDE

Xavier DOLAN

CANADA, france - 2016


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