Klimt Atelier Des Lumières 2019

French museums operator Culturespaces has launched a an are in southern Korea and is planning de nouveau in Bordeaux in 2020


Fresh from thé success ns its inaugural numérique exhibition at the atelier des lampe in Paris, the french museums management société Culturespaces is moving to expand that is multimedia arts centres internationally.

The atelier des Lumières, a 2,000 sq. M se réconcilier foundry in auto 11th arrondissement, was introduced last spring v a 30-minute immersive audiovisual experience ns Gustav Klimt’s paintings, en vedette mural projections du the images set to music de Wagner, Strauss and Beethoven. With full-price tickets at €14.50, ce attracted more than 1.2 million tourists from 13 April 2018 venir 6 January 2019.

The exact same Klimt démontrer is now on view till 27 October in auto Bunker des Lumières, a se réconcilier bunker nous South Korea’s Jeju island, i beg your pardon Culturespaces et the korean operator Tmonet opened up last November. Cette is the firm’s first multimedia de lart centre external France.

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Banking on the cultivation popularity of digital, experience-based art, Culturespaces des plans to open another venue, auto Bassins du Lumières, with support from the ville of Bordeaux in feather 2020. Covering 14,500 sq. M, ce is situated in a renovated German submarine bunker constructed mostly passant par Spanish et French prisoners throughout the second World War.

Bruno Monnier established Culturespaces in 1990, initially venir manage thé exhibition spaces of établissements including the musées Maillol and Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris. Auto firm has developed et trademarked auto Amiex (Art & music Immersive Experience) technology parce que le its numérique exhibitions, holding the first on Gauguin et Van Gogh in a structure quarry in Provence, the Carrières aux Lumières, in 2012.

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The new numérique exhibitions at the paris venue—Van Gogh: Starry Night and Dreamed Japan: images of the Floating World—opened aujourdhui (until 31 December). Thé “short programme” nous Japanese Edo de lart is projected in-between thé “long programme” screenings of soupape Gogh’s most famous paintings, which advanced under the influence of Japanese prints.