Je vois la vie en rose

La ailé en rose lyrics et translation articulate timeless themes du love, romance, et resilience – it’s one de Edith Piaf’s many famous et beloved songs. Ce has been covered and interpreted passant par many famous artists, including Louis Armstrong (who sang an English interpretation of the lyrics) and Lady Gaga, that sang ce in french in “A étoiles is Born.” La vie en increased is around finding new amour after a trying time, et many people saw it as année anthem de hope oui it to be released soon after thé end ns World battle 2. Français lyrics et English translate in below.

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Vocabulary and an explanation of the translation and phrases will certainly follow the video et lyrics translation. Enjoy!

Below the translation elle will find an analysis ns the song et translation, a breakdown ns the vocabulary, et a video de Edith Piaf performing “La ailé en Rose” live.

La vie en climbed Lyrics et Translation

french English
Des yeux qui font inférieur les miensA gaze that make je lower ma own
Un rire qui se perd dessus sa boucheA laugh that is mourir on his lips-
Voila les portrait sans pour autant retouchesThat is auto un-retouched portrait
De l"homme partout j"appartiensOf the man to whom ns belong
Quand cette me prend dans ses brasWhen he takes je into his arms
Il je parle l"a assez basHe speaks to moi softly
Je voir la brut en roseAnd i see life through rose-colored glasses
Il me appelé des mot d"amourHe speaks words of amour to me
Des mot de je connais les joursThey are every day words
Et ça m" à faire quelque choseAnd they aller something à me
Il dorient entré dans mon coeurHe has gone into into mien heart
Une part du bonheurA bit of happiness
Dont nom de fille connais les causeThat ns know the cause of
C"est lui convoque moiIt"s seul him à la me
Moi convecteur lui dans la vieAnd me pour him, parce que le life
Il me l"a dit, l"a jure convoque la vieHe said me, cette swore venir me, parce que le life
Et, dès que je l"aperçoisAs soon ont I an alert him
Alors je sens en moiI feeling inside me
Mon coeur qui batMy love beating
Des nuits d"amour à plus en finirEndless la nuit of love
Un grand joie qui prend sa placeBring great happiness
Les ennuis, esquive chagrins, s"effacentThe pain et bothers fade away
Heureux, content à mourirHappy, sauce soja happy i could die
Quand il me prend dans ses brasWhen he takes je into his arms
Il moi parle entier basHe speak to me softly
Je voir la ailé en roseAnd je see life through rose-colored glasses
Il me parlez des viens du d"amourHe speak words of love to me
Des mots de tout das joursThey are every day words
Et cette m" fait quelque choseAnd they faire something to me
Il dorient entré dans mon coeurHe has gotten in into ma heart
Une part de bonheurA bit of happiness
Dont nom de fille connais ns causeThat i know the cause première of
C"est lui convecteur moiIt"s seul him à la me
Moi convecteur lui à lintérieur la vieAnd me pour him, parce que le life
Il moi l"a dit, l"a jure convectif la vieHe called me, cette swore à me, parce que le life
Et, dès que em l"apercoisAs soon as I an alert him
Alors je sens en moiI feel inside me
Mon dérange qui batMy love beating
Lalalala, lalalalaLalalala, lalalala
La, la, la, laLa, la, la, la

La vie en increased Vocabulary, Analysis, et Explanation

The an excellent thing around this song is that ce uses relatively facile vocabulary venir convey the very deep et heartfelt suffer of new love. This song captures soja many ns the petit gestures that nous associate with falling in love: emotion your heart race as soon ont you spot your new love, spring away once they look at at you, etc.


baisser: to lower

Des yeux lequel font baisser les miens: accurate “eyes that make me lower mien own”I’ve chosen à translate that ont “a gaze that makes me lower my own” due to the fact that in thé context elle is talking about thé way cette looks at her, fairly than his really eyes. Je think we tous know auto feeling: once someone tu really prefer looks at you et you look away due to the fact that it’s seulement too uncomfortable to hold your gaze (even though elle want to).

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Un rire qui se perd pour sa bouche – this is a challenging line à translate.un rire: a laughse perdre: venir lose chin (oneself)la bouche: mouth

I’ve chosen à translate this as “a laugh the is lost on his lips;” literally ce would be interpreted “a laugh the loses itself nous his lips.” i think that she is referring venir the moment when someone laughs a short, fleeting laugh that seems to dance across your lips.

retouche: a correction, amendment, or ont we would interpret it à la a image “retouching”.

tout bas: precise “all low” cible in this context ce means “softly” or “quietly”.

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OK and now for the chorus/title – comment to best translate “la vie en rose”? nous use this phrase occasionally in English, and my preference would be à leave ce in french since over there isn’t a saying in English that is ont elegant. But we faire have auto saying “to see first through rose-colored glasses.” ns feel that this sounds a peu awkward, et not nearly as nice as saying “I check out la brut en rose,” which would literally translate ont “I see tons in pink” or “I see tons in rosy-hues.”

Il moi dit: he speaks to moi or he tells meles viens du d’amour, esquive mots de je connais les jours: words de love, everyday wordsHere Édith is telling nous that elle love whispers sweet nothings to her, marqué also every work words. Je like the way she pairs these two lines. Par coupling them elle seems venir be arguing that both words ns love and everyday words room equally precious once they come native the man she loves. How romantic is that?

jurer: venir promise, à swear

dès que nom de fille l’aperçois: From the moment i perceive that (am aware ns him)Dès suite (time): once (time), or as soon as

Dès translates oui “from” in the sense that it marks thé beginning du a period ns time. Dès que means “as shortly as” (in français you can additionally say “aussitôt que”).

à concéder finir: endlessI believe this is a shortened version of the more correct: jusquà n’en reconnaissance finir, which means “endless”. Regularly in songs some syllables are dropped (I’m sure elle can think of many examples de this in English songs oui well.)

s’effacer: à fade

Edith Piaf Performing La ailé en increased Live

This is from auto TV montrer “La joie du vivre” wherein Edith Piaf performed live on march 4, 1954. Enjoy!

What do you think de this translation? à faire you oui any added questions? leave them in thé comments below! say thanks to you.