The cour d’acclimatation (acclimatization Garden) is a surprise treasure ns the Parisian region. This Garden, located in the Bois du Boulogne, has been newly renewed, et now uses many nouveau attractions, part free jouer areas, many activities à la nature lovers et lots of others interesting fémoral for tous the family. Here you ont a complete manuel to this wonderful place: access, opened hours, prices, pathways and all the necessary information to enjoy your journey and have a good time.

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The jardin offers many tasks for all types du people.

You can ont a walk conditions météorologiques its pathways (€5 entrance), marqué you can likewise enjoy the 24 rides jaune the 5 free jouer areas such oui the forestry adventure, thé distorting mirrors, the dry fountain, auto bear’s den and the paddling pool.

There are additionally two jeu stands et 11 activities pour nature lovers such as the gros voliere, auto pony riding, the donkey and camel riding, thé empress’s Belvedere, the Korean Garden, auto vegetable Garden, thé alpine rock, the apiary, the acrobatic trail et the petit farm.

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And ont if toutes les personnes of this was not enough, elle can also enjoy deux different spectacles: thé Guignol théâtre (free) et the magical puissance (three tickets effronté tour).

For further informations about the Garden et its activities, click here.

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Remember:• no bikes, skates, rollers and pets are enabled inside thé Garden.• Unaccompanied kids under 12 years old cannot enter auto Garden.


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