If amie can"t sign in venir your, Hotmail, Live, jaune MSN email account, jaune you"re no sure how to sign in or sign out, right here are part solutions.

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Sign in à Hotmail or

Enter your email address jaune phone number et select Next.

On the prochain page, enter your password et select Sign in.


Check the Keep moi signed in des boites if elle want to go straight venir next time (not recommended for shared computers).

Uncheck the des boites to be prompted parce que le your password each temps you sign in.

If you"re having problems signing right into your account, do sure:

Caps Lock is turned éteindre (passwords are caisse sensitive).

Your email attend to is order correctly.

Your account hasn"t been inactive parce que le more than 365 days. Venir keep your account active, you must sign in to thé account at least once every 365 days. After 365 days ns inactivity, her email will certainly be deleted and cannot it is in recovered.

If you"re toujours having problems signing in, elle might need to:

Check the prestations de service status for

Turn éteindre automatic authorize in

Check the service status

If you"re having problems with, check the services status. Si the condition isn"t green, wait till the service is running normally and try again.

I forgot my password or it"s not working

If you"ve forget or mourir your password, you can develop a new one.

Choose auto reason amie can"t sign in, et select Next.

Enter the email address elle used when amie created her Microsoft account.

Enter thé characters tu see nous the screen et select Next.

If tu added security info à your account, select whether a one-time codé will be sent to your alternative phone num or email address.

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My account is blocked

Your account might be temporarily clogged because conditions météorologiques noticed some unexplained sign-in activity. Si your account is blocked, view Unblock my account.

I"m travelling

Microsoft always keeps an eye out for unusual sign-in activity, just in caisse someone else is trying to volonté into her account. Si you"re travelling venir a nouveau place jaune using a nouveau device, nous might ask you à confirm that cette really is you.

Read How venir access once traveling for more information.

Can"t authorize out of

To authorize out du

Select your account photo at auto top du the screen.

Select Sign out.


If you don"t watch your photo at the top du screen, check à see si ad prevent is rotate on. Sometimes this prevents the picture from showing.

I desire to arrêter signing in automatically

If immediately signs you in, turn éteindre automatic sign in.

In, select your account snapshot at auto top of the screen.


Select Sign out.

Enter your email address jaune phone number et select Next.

On thé Enter password page, clear Keep moi signed in.


Enter your password and select Sign in.

Need much more help?

If you"re calmer having problems with signing in, check out When elle can"t authorize in venir your Microsoft account.

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Unblock ma account

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