Hyères-les-Palmiers is a seaside resort in thé department du the Var, in between Toulon and Bormes-les-Mimosas.Hyères visage south, towards the Mediterraneans and the gold Isles. Cette has année extremely mild climate, i m sorry is just ont pleasant in winter.Hyères-les-Palmiers owes its surname to auto 7000 palm trees planted in auto commune. Starting in 1850, enthusiasm horticulturists brought out their life experiments in acclimatizing dry plants; your renown to be international and since they exported transparent Europe. As a result, countless properties et houses daté from thé 19th century.

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conditions météorologiques the heights of Hyères


St. Paul Cgurch ns Hyères and Templar tower


Facades of houses in Hyères


Port le Niel, thé marina ns Hyères


thé marina du Hyères-les-Palmiers

The city plays année essential duty in auto growing ns palm trees ont well as in floriculture and viticulture. Amateurs and professionals, gardeners et nature enthusiasts, families et children will amour the countless remarkable gardens such ont the garden at the Saint-Bernard Park in i beg your pardon sits the famous Villa Noailles from auto 1920s, thé Olbius Riquier garden, auto Sainte-Claire botanical jardin of tropic plants et even auto zoo.In Antiquity, Hyères to be occupied by the Greeks et Romans. The continu of Hyères existed currently in the Middle Ages. The ville traversed auto centuries, experiencing from the couleur noire Death that spread out from Marseille in 1347 and devastated much more than a third du the population. A second epidemic in 1580 resulted in several deaths. Climate came thé wars du religion, the français Revolution, bringing us to the 19th century when auto palm tree industry took off.Strolling auto narrow lanes ns the historical centre, you will discover thé medieval houses and the Saint-Paul Collegiate Church et Sainte Blaise Chapel date from auto 12th et 13th centuries.There are also many beautiful beaches in Hyères et a pilgrimage to auto Iles d"Or archipelago is a must.In auto area roughly Hyères:The Iles d"Or: a group of three magnificent archipelago – a paradise for lovers of année untamed et preserved natural environment.

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Toulon: the historic français naval city.Bormes das Mimosas: the town, as its name implies, of mimosa.

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