Today, March 13, the popular music player Spotify has officially launched in Vietnam giới. Vietnamese users can download this application according to lớn the link below.

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On iOS: Spotify Music.

On Android: Spotify Music.

On PC, Mac và other platforms: Spotify.

Spotify"s website also announced the price of this service, Premium package costs 59,000 VND / month or 708,000 VND / year. With Premium account, users can listen to lớn music without being bothered by ads, number of dropouts. through unlimited songs, tải về music offline, play any song, better sound unique (up lớn 320Kbps) . Payment method is international payment card (Visa / MasterCard / AMEX).

Spotify currently has a không tính phí 30-day Premium trial program. Or if you bởi not want lớn pay, users can still use the miễn phí package but can only listen to mix songs only.

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Spotify now has Vietnamese interface on both website & application. The music store has a relatively full range of Vietnamese artists, including singer My Tam, a leading singer in Vietphái nam but not present at the current online music sites và some Vietnamese music playlists. selective.

Spotify interface on Android.

Spotify interface on iOS.

Spotify on PC / Mac.

Spotify has songs by singer My Tam.

Singer Son Tung M-TP"s songs on Spotify.

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