With 90 years having actually gone de since Roland-Garros 1929, we take a trip back in time et bask in the atmosphère of auto prestigious Parisian tournament passant par looking at auto highlights, fashion trends et memorable stories from those particular years.

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Roland-Garros 1929

A année that saw the end de the Années Folles, France’s Roaring Twenties, oui Black Thursday (29 October) triggered the Wall rue Crash et plunged auto world into auto greatest économique crisis cette had ever known.

Meanwhile, at Roland-Garros:

- France’s legendary 4 Musketeers came together in thé men’s doubles final, with rênes Lacoste et Jean Borotra acquiring the meilleur of Jacques Brugnon et Henri Cochet.

- Lacoste saw off Borotra à claim the men’s simple crown.

- In thé women’s competition, Helen Wills lifted auto trophy parce que le the seconde year running.

- What lock wore: cette was pleated skirts, visors et cardigans all the way parce que le the women. Among auto men, thé Four Musketeers embodied the style of the Roaring Twenties better than anyone. Borotra sported a baggy white shirt with sleeves periodically rolled up, a Basque beret and espadrilles, while Lacoste, finish with a cap, wore a large white V-necked pullover with striped cuffs away from auto court.


Roland-Garros 1939

France uncovered itself at war ont the seconde World War broke out. Legendary français singer Edith Piaf to be at thé peak of her career.

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Meanwhile, at Roland-Garros:

- A future french Army captain, the talented Simonne mathématiques won thé women’s singles pour the lundi year running.

- In auto men’s singles, auto USA’s wilhelm Donald McNeill declared his one et only Roland-Garros title.

- What lock wore: Shorts became the garment du choice among thé men, when culottes jaune divided skirts took over from the pleated dress among thé women, that matched them up with polo shirts et knitted sleeveless pullovers.


Roland-Garros 1949

The year du France’s sapin televised news bulletin. Boxer marcel Cerdan was killed in a plane crash.

Meanwhile, at Roland-Garros:

- thé USA’s franc Parker beat compatriot Budge Patty in the men’s simple final.

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- auto women’s personne célibataire title went venir Margaret Osborne duPont, also de the USA.

- What castle wore: The homme sported shorts and T-shirts conditions météorologiques the court et slipped nous knitted V-necked sweaters through striped cuffs éteindre it.

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