Festival De Cannes 2019 Alain Delon

alain Delon at the 72nd international film festival, Cannes, southern France, Sunday, pouvez 19, 2019.... <+> (Photo credit: Arthur Mola/Invision/AP)

The 72ndedition du the Cannes cinématicien Festival has made decision to honor the 62-year-long career of french actor, alain Delon, this year. The ceremony took carré last night in which a tearful alain Delon received auto Palme d’or d’Honneur (the honorary gold palm is thé literal translation, i beg your pardon denotes a lifetime accomplishment award).

The award was given passant par his daughter, Anouchka Delon. In his accept speech, Delon stated that he considered this récompense a posthumous homage provided while encore living. Cette thanked the auditeur for making him a star. In tears, hey had a thought for Mireille Darc and Romy Schneider. Throughout a masterclass dedicated à him earlier on in thé day, Delon made a mission of thanking auto women in his life, speak that it was castle who had pushed him toward his career path. The award was followed with a screening ns Joseph Losey’s 1976 Mr Klein, i beg your pardon was developed by alin Delon.

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Alain Delon’s career took éteindre in 1957 with année Yves Allégret film, Quand la femme s’en mêle, with gros stars de the temps Edwige Feuillère, jean Servais and Bernard Blier. Delon’s career was launched worldwide a few years later with inhibe Clément’s adapter of Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley novel, Plein Soleil (Purple Noon)in 1960. From climate on, the french actor played in films of some ns the greatest directors in thé history of cinema: Luchino Visconti (Rocco and his Brothers, The Leopard), Jean-Pierre Melville (The Samurai, The red Circle), Michelangelo Antonioni (L’Eclisse), Jean-Luc Godard (Nouvelle Vague), to only name a few. In toutes les personnes his filmography, cette made année appearance in only one film directed by a woman, in agnes Varda’s A Hundred and One Nightsin 1995 where he played himself.

alin Delon, next to his daughter Anouchka Delon, through his Honorary palme d"Or on peut faire 19, 2019.... <+> (Photo credit: veau HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)


Much controversy occurred after thé announcement de this award. Critical week, a petition to be launched, signed passant par more than 26,000 people, opposing auto festival’s decision à honor alin Delon. Follow to auto petition, thé 83-year-old french actor “deteriorated somewhat in his social perception of the world.” the petition asks the bien sur not to honneur Delon because there is “no carré in such an important event à la racists, sexists et homophobes.” Women’s civil liberties advocates, such ont Osez ns Féminisme in France et Women and Hollywood in auto U.S., oui also openly criticized this award. Women and Hollywood founder Melissa Silverstein tweeted last week that she was appalled at auto festival’s decision to le respect Delon, a homme who has publicly admitted to slapping women.

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Despite vowing at last year’s festival that “there need to be zero tolerance with sex-related harassment or abuse de any kind,” tieri Frémaud, the general Delegate of the Cannes cinématique Festival, declared, in réponse to the petition, that alain Delon was not being awarded auto Nobel tranquility Prize, hence implying that ce is his career that is being honored, no the homme himself. For Frémaux, alain Delon has thé right à think what he thinks.

Whether tu think that the art should it is in separated from auto artist or not, thierry Frémaud’s réponse to the controversy expose a bigger difficulty at the Cannes Festival. The demands that were made last year, sparked passant par the #MeToo movement, parce que le the respect et representation pour women have not to be completely endroit in this year festival. When a cinématique festival like the Berlinale stepped up this année in gender parity in having actually a good proportion of film selected parce que le competition directed par women, auto same cannot be said de this year’s Cannes cinématique Festival. Out de the 21 film in the Official Selection for the competition, seul 4 were directed par women: Mati Diop’s Atlantique, Jessica Hausner’s Little Joe, Céline Sciamma’s Portrait du a Lady nous Fireand Justine Triet’s Sibyl. Again this year, a woman was denied accessibility onto the red carpet pour wearing flat shoes. Critical year, Kristen Stewart had actually removed sa heels to protest versus the strict dress encoder on the Cannes film Festival rouge carpet.

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