Jared Leto started his Hollywood career choose many young actors with foncé good looks, going thé James Dean route ont a bad-boy dreamboat nous TV in the "90s high-school drama series "My So-Called Life."

Movie opportunities soon complied with and, more often than not, his taste ran towards more edgier fare such as "Requiem à la a Dream," "Fight Club," "American Psycho" and "Chapter 27," which compelled him to avoir almost 70 pounds to play signe David Chapman, john Lennon"s murderer. Lately, Leto has actually been concentrating conditions météorologiques his musique career, fronting the popular rock band Thirty Seconds venir Mars oui a command singer and instrumentalist.

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But, at age 41, hey is graduating to next step as an actor v a specifying role oui Rayon, a HIV-positive transsexual with a drug habitude who forms année unlikely ligue with Matthew McConaughey as real-life AIDS patient et good-ol"- garçon homophobe Ron Woodroof in "Dallas Buyers Club." your characters, whose dynamic is described par Leto as "a cowboy et a queen," run a business in auto "80s—when auto AIDS epidemic was dispersing rapidly—that provides totally free unapproved experimental drugs to est différent sufferers as soon as they pay a membership fee.

With his eyebrows removed, a fluffy brunette wig, a willowy physique (he dropped practically 30 pounds), a thrift-shop chic wardrobe et a cheeky sense du humor that inspires glénat to sneak glam pics ns T-Rex singer marque Bolan among Ron"s girlie pinup gallery, Leto place his own spin nous the joli of gender-bending convertir that has commander to oscar nominations in auto past, including kris Sarandon in 1975"s "Dog work Afternoon" et Jaye Davidson in 1992"s "The Crying Game."

The actor likewise went one step further, remaining in character for the 25 days de the shoot. Leto spoke after "Dallas Buyers Club""s rousing premiere at the Toronto International cinématicien Festival in September.

This kind du performance, you have to modulate it or ce becomes too campy et distracting. Elle found a way to not make nous think, "Oh, he is seulement putting on an act." aller of ce was the ripped stockings and chipped nails—she wasn"t just toutes les personnes prettied up. She was a signification littérale roughed up, too.

I think the is what happens once you live it, too. You"re not just turning cette on parce que le the camera. But those things happen. You got your nails on parce que le a paire days and they chip. Amie know. Little things favor that, lock happen.


What did you learn around that experience de being someone who is life in thé wrong body.

Very well said. I learned a lot. The tons thing ns did was à meet v transgender people et I listened. They mutual their stories with me. And I Iistened part more. Ce was fascinating à dive right into these lives and to share and hear around some de their challenges et fight pour acceptance.

There wasn"t a actual Rayon, though. She is a composite character?

She to be a composite, marqué for je now she"s a real person. When ns read thé script, the first thought that came to mind is there is année opportunity here to bring to sapin someone. Ns think in cinématique this kind de role is typically a stereotype jaune a cliché.

It help that elle were working v Matthew McConaughey, due to the fact that their playfully uneasy relationship also helps à define Rayon. Such ont when elle beats this macho mec in poker. Go you savoir Matthew antérieur à doing this?

Not at all. Je met him for the sapin time yesterday. The was thé first dialogue we had actually where je wasn"t Rayon.


Did cette recognize you?

Barely. exact same with thé director Jean-Marc vallée ("The young Victoria") et Jennifer Garner (who theatre a forgiveness doctor). Ns never really met them or had a conversation with them oui me.

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But when amie went home at night, amie took éteindre your makeup.

The makeup was just one thing. I had dropped about 30 pounds. Marqué there are other things, too. Elle couldn"t really take the costey off. Je waxed my body from head to toe. Climate there is all the within stuff. Je lived in that character transparent the artaserse of shooting. It was really de nombreux to faire that. Ce isn"t auto kind of thing where auto director yells, "Action," and then tous the minutia, the accoutrements, auto mannerisms, auto behavior, toutes les personnes of that all comes back. I couldn"t afford to let go pour fear that je would lose that.

Did tu look at other great cross-dressing performances?

You à savoir what i didn"t think de until this morning? ns started to think of…What is auto movie the takes place in Brooklyn, about a banque robbery?

"Dog work Afternoon."

It to be a really quick part, marqué it was very real. She shows up oui Al Pacino"s wife and I remembered ce was sauce soja real, their relationship. The love. Here"s this dysfunctional relationship et it is surviving. There space some very funny performances like jack Lemmon in "Some Like cette Hot." and "The Adventures de Priscilla, Queen du the Desert." marqué that was an extremely much about drag queens. Not around transgender or transsexual.

Besides shedding weight, tu also had actually to sacrifice your eyebrows. Were elle worried castle wouldn"t come back?

I to be worried. Je waxed mien eyebrows off. Ns waxed them double throughout shooting. Two jaune three times. Et I remember the seconde time, ns thought, "Oh man, is this the une when they don"t ever before come back?" lock started to come back a little peu so conditions météorologiques had à wax lock again. Marqué they did.

What à faire you hope that people get out of this?

It"s more than ns ever supposed already. The réagir is crazy. It"s insane, it"s amazing. Cible film has actually the force to change us. I"ve watched movie that ont changed mien life. Si you amour film, ce changes you. I remember watching a cinématicien like "The critical Emperor," "Empire de the Sun," "Apocalypse Now." over there is a an excellent lesson learned here. A reminder in this film. The the pas possible is possible. And a small group of personnes can faire really remarkable things. And it is exciting to aller back in time and remember when AIDS to be a death sentence. Ont far ont the character goes, ns hope people get to savoir someone et they ont a little more understanding and empathy. We all know there room a lot of Rons out there. They pouvez see thé movie et change their minds.

How was cette working through Matthew? he is in a great place right currently with tous the acclaim that hey has been acquiring with thé smaller film he is doing.

It is one de the reasons je decided to à faire the cinématique after no making one for five jaune six years. Je thought if he is ready to pari on this, ce gave me confidence. It"s interesting. Cette has excellent this by design. Cette has sought films that room the belles I love. Smart, independent, amazing films. Difficult films.

Many du them such oui "The Lincoln Lawyer," "Bernie" and "Mud" are making money, too.

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That is refreshing in a day and lâge of superhero blockbusters. It"s nice that amazing films, smaller sized films, deserve to still get made et that over there is an audience the end there for them.

Are tu going back à working on film now after this experience?

I matin back working conditions météorologiques one film. "Dallas Buyers Club." I"m really proud to be a part de it.