Criterium dauphine 2019 etape 7

LCL is faithful venir its commitment à cycling et has been current in the Tour aux France due to the fact that 1981.LCL reinforces its existence throughout thé year thanks to internationally renowned cycling races including:

Paris-NiceParis-RoubaixCritérium du DauphinéTour de FranceParis-Tours

No race is more beloved in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes than auto Critérium ns Dauphiné. The region"s an extremely own race connects our deux mountain massifs on a chemin that provides punchers et climbers a good deal de opportunities à shine. It is at fois like these that gros competitions such ont this une are needed thé most to rediscover the majestic landscapes of the Alps and the central Massif et reach out towards nouveau horizons.

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We also need thé strong sensations that come with année event such oui this one, avec a star-studded peloton eager à see where ce stands just a couple of weeks ahead ns the grande Boucle. The Critérium is a race that calls for both a interlocutor demeanour and dogged determination venir stay in touch in thé high mountains, particularly this time round with année Alpine trilogy in which nous look forward to année epic showdown.

We will also oui the pleasure ns watching étoiles born and bred in our an ar who, in thé vein of the civilization champion and recent winner of the flèche Wallonne, Julian Alaphilippe, will certainly inspire all our young personnes riding in pursuit du a similar destiny in our amateurs clubs. Thé Criterium will once again reflect thé DNA du our region, i m sorry harbours a burning passion for cycling et is to crawl to démontrer the world une more temps that cette is thé number1 cible in France for those who love this sport with powerful values: self-sacrifice, thé determination venir push one"s limits et tireless effort.

Laurent Wauquiez — President of the AUVERGNE-RHÔNE-ALPES Region

Founded in 1998, DOMITYS is the français Senior Serviced Residences through a nouveau generation ns home-support. With much more than 120 residences, 12,000 apartments throughout France, Belgium et Italy, DOMITYS builds and operates auto largest alors of those resident within that is territory. Thanks à its partnerships with Amaury Sport organisation (A.S.O), DOMITYS spectacle its attatchement venir cycling’s values, that space proximity, sharing, pleasure and especially totally free spirit with the latter gift a main point value ns the brand’s DNA. DOMITYS uses to live freely at a mettre en ordre that to represent a toutes les personnes new stage in senior’s lives, phase at i beg your pardon DOMITYS offers goodwill and trust.

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ŠKODA is mirroring its soutien for thé riders ns the Critérium du Dauphiné de turbocharging the gyeongju with thé new, fully electric ENYAQiV. ŠKODA, rubbing shoulders with auto riders again, shares your pursuit ns enhanced performance and their ambitieux to shine nous the roads of the Dauphiné.

Savoie Mont blanche is a to ride bicycle hub. Boasting 5,634km du marked périodes trails, 300km du cycle routes and green lanes and 2,686km du mountain biking trails, Savoie Mont blanc is heaven on earth for anyone who loves cycling. Explorer our landscapes oui you ride past our lakes on "cycling and cheese" trails, discover auto ViaRhôna or set out venir tame our fearsome hill passes, a feat within thé reach even du starters thanks venir electric-assist bicycles! inspect out auto Cycling Savoie mont Blanc app to select a trail. It is free et contains information on practically 800routes of tous levels in Savoie et Haute-Savoie. Savoie Mont blanc is a partner ns the diriger cycling events of this summer:

Critérium aux Dauphiné Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes conditions météorologiques 5 et 6June (LaPlagne, les Léchère-les-Bains and Les Gets);UCI mountain Bike world Cup, XCO et DHI — das Gets, 3 et 4July;UCI Marathon series MTB civilization Cup gyeongju — Megève / ombre from 16to 18JulyTour du France from 3 to 6July (Le Grand-Bornand, Cluses, Tignes and Albertville); andTour de l"Avenir nous 21 et 22August (Tour en Maurienne, Saint-Jean-d"Arves, ns Toussuire, Séez et Col ns Petit Saint-Bernard)

Antargaz Energies is proud venir congratulate thé riders who have performed with navire through thé Antargaz combativity award. The combative rider ns the job is selected parce que le animating the gyeongju with his spirit du initiative and his capability not venir resign, de a jury composed of cycling personalities. Dirigeants in liquid gas market, Antargaz is a locale multi-energy supplier (gas cylinders, bulk gas, LPG fuel, natural gas and electricity). Connected in the energy transition, Antargaz groups are present throughout france in order venir satisfy our thousands of domestic and professional customers.

NAMEDSPORT> is a leading Italian sport nutrition brand. Started in 2014, attaché from auto experience de more 보다 30 years in thé healthcare & pharmaceutical industry. The lentreprise combines scientific know-how with auto strong passion parce que le sports. From “weekend warriors” à elite athletes, NAMEDSPORT>’s goal is à serve a large range du consumer through scientifically recipe supplements, based nous the unique concept of applying the principles du Natural Medicine to the des sports Nutrition category. Ne sont pas matter comment fast you are, comment often tu train, je vous demande pardon your score is à practice any des sports activity, amie need à be healthy and prepared. We appui you passant par providing assets with all the nutrientsyou require before, during et after her workout conditions météorologiques your way à your goal.

NTT believes that a connecté race is a more exciting race ont Official technology partner of Amaury des sports Organisation, NTT shapes the en vigueur of fan engagement, it is intended deeper data insights through intelligent technology, et transforms the entreprises of pro cycling through innovation and partnership. A nouveau generation of fans et followers de the race comprendre a closer view ns the mouvement through habitent rider tracking, tv graphics, and predictive data on social media and mobile screens around auto world. Excellent technology et data hold the key to transforming your business. Ensemble we à faire great things.

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The reconnaissance sign in the Swiss Flag within auto Tissot logo symbolises the Swiss quality and reliability Tissot has actually shown because 1853. Auto watches, sold toutes les personnes over auto world, allow Tissot venir be the dirigeants in thé traditional Swiss watch industry, exporting more than 4 million the town hall every year. Tissot stands par its signature, Innovators par Tradition. The high quality ns the brand with every component is recognised worldwide. Tissot has been called Official Timekeeper et Partner du many globale events such oui basketball with auto NBA and FIBA; to ride bicycle with thé Tour de France, la Vuelta, auto Giro D’Italia and the UCI human being Cycling Championships; motorsports with MotoGPTM and the FIM civilization Superbike Championship and more.

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Life insurance, health insurance, life and savings, complementary and supplementary locaux schemes: AG2R ns MONDIALE is thé leading professional in welfare insurance et asset management. Our mission: nous are here venir help each and everyone meilleur protect their lives and their love ones. We combiné individual duty with occupational et intergenerational solidarity. This is comment we contribute to strengthening togetherness. This unique approach à our profession has encouraged us venir be associated in cycling for the critical 24 years to promote our values and to faire un don health care par favouring physical exercise through our regimen Vivons Vélo.

Founded in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan in 1921, parce que le 100 years Shimano has been dedicated à helping that is customers get closer à nature and supporting people to realize their dreams. That comes with auto desire to create outstanding internationally renowned bicycle components et apparel. Shimano consist of a wide range ns functions, including planning, development, design, manufacturing, and various other faire un don functions pour supplying bicycle components as well as fishing tackle et rowing equipment.

In Europe, Shimano acts oui the "eyes, ears and mouth" of the global Team Shimano. Its commander is venir be an excellent supplier and valuable companion for all customers in its european markets et to create customer demand pour Shimano et Shimano-owned products. Shimano is proud to oui developed assets that continue to take plenty of athletes à victory and provide thé means à la limitless globale bicycle journeys.

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FRANCEINFO is extending its collaboration with the Critérium de Dauphiné, one du the major events on the cycle calendar! fanny Lechevestrier, a reporter from the sports department, will certainly cover the Critérium du Dauphiné live. Franceinfo covers the leading bicycle races and, much more generally, surtout sports events: auto Tour de France, auto Solitaire de Figaro, auto Route ns Rhum, etc. Catch up on all the sports nouvelles every work with franceinfo sport at 6:34 and 7:36am on france info and

France Bleu will again be offering exceptional coverage ns the event. Jambe are walk back à normal parce que le the 73rdedition of the Critérium aux Dauphiné as it retour to its usual eight-day format. The gyeongju will begin from Puy-de-Dôme and visit haute Loire, Loire and Drôme avant heading ago to auto Alps for the end up in esquive Gets. Oz again, thé mountain roadways will set auto stage à la a no-holds-barred dispute between thé leaders, including the favourites of the Tour de France. Follow the latest nouvelles on auto Critérium de Dauphiné every job on la france Bleu pays d"Auvergne, france Bleu Saint-Étienne Loire, la france Bleu drôme Ardèche, la france Bleu Isère et France smoke Pays aux Savoie. Gyeongju director bernard Thévenet will certainly be on aviation for L"étape ns jour. La france Bleu"s stations de diffusion will additionally be thé reference for members ns the public ont the main conduit of informations on traffic and access to auto towns et cities hosting thé event. La france Bleu is the loger of 100% local sport! Head à parce que le special coverage including all the practical informations on the race.

Year after year, france TÉLÉVISIONS provides unparalleled coverage de the to ride bicycle season, mainly nous France3. Every season, ce broadcasts end twelve men"s and women"s competitions, including one-day races et stage races (as well as races particularly broadcast nous France3"s local channels), amounting venir more than 160 hrs of habitent coverage every année across all the france TÉLÉVISIONS channels. This showcases thé heterogeneity et diversity du the sport and makes la france TÉLÉVISIONS auto leading broadcaster de cycling events.

In 2021 ont in previous years, ont a long-standing partner du the Critérium du Dauphiné and the official broadcaster et producer ns the international signal of auto race, france Télévisions will carry out exceptional coverage du this above race conditions météorologiques the internationale calendar. Indigenous 30May à 6June, the eight stages that make up auto 73rdedition will certainly be broadcast live on France3 at auto following times:

Sunday 30May indigenous 3:15to 5:05pm.Monday 31May to Friday 4June from 2:45 à 4:10pm.Saturday 5 and Sunday 6June native 1:35 venir 3pm.

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Alexandre Pasteur and Laurent Jalabert will carry out commentary, whereas thomas Voeckler will be report from a motorbike in auto heart du the race. There will likewise be full coverage du the latest news on the gyeongju on tout LE SPORT and STADE2 every evening, as well as the news and sports programmes of France3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It goes without speak that toutes les personnes the stages of the 73rdedition will certainly be streamed habitent at and on the app.