JAY-Z and BEYONCÉ, thé most powerful coupler in auto music industry is coming back pour a new découper tour with nous The operation II. The coupler will perform conditions météorologiques Saturday July 14th at Stade ns France à la a unicité show.

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The reine Bey is officially ago with a brand new single, an albums and…a Tour, The formation World Tour! auto most an effective female musician du 2015 will certainly take us nous tour this year with a stop conditions météorologiques July 21st 2016 at Stade ns France.

The long-awaited tour of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, two American artist among auto most well-known in the world, came à Stade du France on September 12 et 13, 2014.

Biography de Beyoncé

Beyoncé is 33 year-old artist who has actually already gathered 17 grammée Awards! elle had thé honour ns singing thé American denchères anthem at the lundi inauguration du Barack Obama, as well oui during thé half time de the formidables Bowl.

An at an early stage vocation

Born in 1981 in Houston, ce was at lécole that she revealed her talent ont a singer, et she was already taking ballet et modern jazz lessons.

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At the age of 9, elle enrolled her friend Kelly Rowland in a singing competition. After this, the girls joined the group, Girl"s Tyme, v whom they participated in the TV talenz show, "Star Search", in 1993.

Her early on days with Destiny’s child

In 1997, the group, reduced à 4 singers, through Beyoncé oui the star, signed à Columbia under the name of Destiny"s Child. In 1998, they released auto self-titled album, which had their first hit "No, No, No".Until 2003, the band released four studio album and had actually four num one singles in the United States. They sold an ext than 40 million records.

An incredibly successful solo career

One of the first appearances ns Beyoncé ont a solo artist took carré in 2003 conditions météorologiques the soundtrack du the Austin strength film, Goldmember, in which elle appeared together Mike Myers.

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The very same year, elle released ""Bonnie & Clyde 03", a duet through Jay-Z. She then prepared the release de her sapin solo album, Dangerously In Love, which come out in célibataire 2003. In between 2003 et 2015, Beyoncé exit 5 studio albums, et the 6th is expected at some time in 2016.