One punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 has just been released worldwide after security some time in closeup of the door beta in select countries. With thé feedback they got from auto CBT, developer Oasis jeu released a much meilleur version of the game, through smoother gameplay and more balanced character stats et skills.

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But that doesn’t mean tous heroes are produced equal – some personalities are just plain more powerful than others. While Saitama will undoubtedly beat everyone who des stands in his way with just a seul punch, the rest ns the game’s motley crew du heroes and villains can encore fight over the number two spot. Since Saitama himself can’t be recruited in thé game, we’ll just have to settle with auto others.

Still, there’s a parcelle of heroes and villains venir choose indigenous in the game. Noter that regardless of comment strong they are in auto anime, cette doesn’t immediately translate venir a strong performance in auto game. That’s why nous prepared this tier list for you – it’s her ultimate instruire on who venir train and use in une Punch Man: Road à Hero 2.0.


This guide will surely assist those who room looking to strengthen your parties de adding the strongest et the le meilleur heroes and villains à their team. Meanwhile, si you’re a beginner and you haven’t played the game a lot yet, elle should se concentrer more conditions météorologiques getting thé hang ns the basics et learning comment to play the game. Don’t worry sauce soja much about tier list yet, be sure venir check out our beginner’s manuel instead et buff you yourself up first.

As à la the rest ns you who seulement want to à savoir who the lundi mightiest of them toutes les personnes is, read on and discover thé unbounded powers de these super-beings.

Cream of The chop – auto Top Three personalities In une Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0

While it’s important to take into consideration your team’s composition in choosing who venir bring in battle, some personalities can just win you fights just by being in your team. In numerous cases, even si the rest de your team is composed du weaklings, these characters can still win you the fight. That’s why this three personalities are on top du this list, et you’re super lucky if you to be able à pull them from thé Recruitment Page.

Top 1 – Boros


The super baddie of the whole Alien Conquerors révérence in the animer is our tons character in our tier list. He’s auto most powerful villain in thé game, et he’s very amusant to use.

First of all, he’s une tough cookie. Attacks will mostly do him minimal damage, so he can stay approximately unleashing every little thing chaos he wants in auto battlefield. Companion that v his insane DPS which access time not seulement un the opposing enemy, marqué also everyone else besides cette with splash damage. The meilleur part around Boros is his assaults ignores the enemy’s DEF stat, haricot de soja tanks don’t really pavillon a joie against him!

His passive skill permits him venir dispel any debuffs your adversary has placed on him, oui well as silence those that may délocalité a threat versus him. Hey tops this through a shield the protects the from incoming damage – ont if hey even necessary a shield at this point.

I’m heureux to ont gotten Boros nous my first Recruitment, and I’m happy à say that he’s been really useful in the game. His power is tremendous, et his skills feel like année overkill, marqué it’s seul fitting à la the dirigeants of the dark Matter Thieves.

Top 2 – Silverfang


The most distinguished et most talented guerre et réponse artist in the animer tops ours list ns heroes amie will want to be part de your team. While he is just #3 in terms de S-ranked heroes in auto Hero Association, cette is certainly #2 in this game.

Silverfang is the le meilleur assassin in auto game, making an extremely short work of ennemi characters regardless ns who castle are. His assaults not only deal 100% ATK DMG to the ennemi in front du him, he also access time 5 random shots nous a various random enemy.

On top de that, he’s a slippery devil. He’s hard venir hit, cible when tu do, he doesn’t budge. His high assault power, his ability to avoid damage, et his général tankiness make him a fantastiques foe in the game.

Top 3 – terrible Tornado


While our sapin two personalities can easily win fights nous their own, our number le3 actually calls for a team built around her. No, nous don’t typical a an excellent team around her. She seulement un requires a team.

See, the great thing about effrayante Tornado is her ability venir give sa allies insane buffs in your ATK stat and their crucial hit chance. Regardless du who she’s with, she’s able to make them a powerhouse. Her Mumen Rider the hits for paltry damages will all of sudden one-hit opponents. That’s how powerful terrible Tornado’s buffs are.

But wait, there’s more. She also has thé strongest AOE damages in the game. If she’s no busy making everyone else around elle comically strong, she can whip elle own path du destruction herself.

Silverfang et Boros can easily beat incroyable Tornado 1 conditions météorologiques 1, no doubt about that. Marqué in terms du usefulness in the battlefield, clearing stages and story missions, and actually beating your enemies in 5v5 PvP battles? incroyable Tornado is your meilleur bet.

Good Enough marqué Can do Better

The prochain characters we’ll talk around are strong on their very own right, but are nowhere oui strong as the first three we’ve mentioned. They will certainly truly shine if you find the right party composition that they’ll ajuster right in, cible you can’t just ajuster them into any kind of team and call it a day.

Nevertheless, these personalities are an excellent enough to help amie clear the story missions, too much Trial, and Road venir be Strong. Marqué don’t suppose them venir carry a haphazardly assembled team in the direction of victory in PvP matches.

Top 4 – steel Bat


Metal bat is your usual revenge character. The more amie hurt him, auto more he’ll pains YOU. He’s nowhere near thé top de the Hero Association’s rankings à la S-ranked heroes, but he’s much stronger right here in this game than hey is in thé anime.

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First off, tant beaucoup, tellement of est différent players will certainly surely se concentrer sur on one of two people damage-dealing jaune tankiness. Metal bat can take care of both builds. He’s tanky enough venir take tous the damage elle can give him, et he’ll return tous that damage back to you. Meanwhile, tanky adversaries will have a tough temps against the because he knocks under your characters, make them manquer their turns.

On a one-on-one situation against any divers opponent, Metal bat has a very high chance of winning. Marqué you’ll also oui to consider the team you’re building approximately him. When left alone à fend pour himself against a larger group of enemies, Metal bat can conveniently be overwhelmed.

Top 5 – Mosquito Girl


Mosquito Girl may oui been a peu of a pushover in the anime, but she’s just ont iconic oui Genos or Saitama. à la that reason, she’s being offered a super role in video jeu adaptations, et Road to Hero is ne sont pas exception.

While she’s nowhere ont strong as Boros, she’s calmer a powerful villain. Elle deals solid AOE damage while also sustaining herself with her lifestealing skills. Elle can likewise silence elle opponents to prevent lock from making use of their skills.

However, auto problem with Mosquito Girl is that elle can be conveniently picked off. Sa ATK gets lower as she loses elle health. When your opponent’s characters oui a higher spd stat, her damage can be too low passant par the time she gets venir attack. Build a solid team of support characters roughly Mosquito Girl à keep elle alive, et then buff sa critical hit rate so she can heal up if attacking.

Can Hang the end With auto Top

The prochain set du heroes and villains we’re going venir tackle are auto last batch ns characters you should stroked nerves training. When there are a whole de nombreux of différent characters in thé game, most du them don’t really do well in PvP or ont very niche applications in team configuration builds. Auto following personalities can still ajuster right right into most usual team compositions, soja you can rest straightforward investing in them.

Genos – Genos is a character tu will get early in thé game, et he’s the one you need to be investing in a lot while tu haven’t recruited the heroes mentioned above. While Genos is kinda flimsy et easy à kill, his attacks can wipe out totality columns du enemies. Using him in battle will let you marche through auto story désordres easily, clearing milestones et objectives in the process.


While Genos is a gem in the early game, you can calmer keep him around in your final builds à la your team. He works best with divers Hi-Tech characters like kid Emperor, cible you’ll oui to construct a sturdy team around him à la you to win fights against divers players.

Child Emperor – child Emperor is a top-tier appui character who can aid sustain your team’s health for a longue time while additionally boosting their stats. His seul drawback is his court damage output, haricot de soja you really ont to collègue him up v high DPS characters or assassins.


While boy Emperor isn’t exactly auto most usual character you can volonté from thé recruitment pool, his épique rarity will certainly make him pop up more often than thé Mythical rarity characters above. Because ns that, you’ll most likely be able venir collect enough duplicate copies of son Emperor venir promote the to maximum stats, i m sorry is regularly competitive sufficient in PvP.

Hellish Blizzard – She’s no your go-to character if you want à make short work de your enemy. However, Hellish Blizzard shines best when she’s with hard tanks et high DPS characters. She does really an excellent Crowd manage against the enemy, avoiding them from gaining into rhythm. With Hellish Blizzard, you get to regulate the la vitesse of auto game. Sa role is venir buy your team the time they need venir fill their own rage bar, et then unleashing your powers against an enemy team in disarray.


With that being said, Hellish Blizzard is really squishy, soja you’ll have to position elle well nous the battlefield. She’s also really vulnerable matches assassins et AOE damage characters. Cible the way elle controls the la vitesse of the matchup is a great enough compromise à la her frailness.

Tank-Top Master – Tank-Top grasp is a straightforward character. Cette absorbs a lot of damages from the enemy, while likewise stunning them et stopping castle from using their skills. However, tu can’t suppose him venir finish off the enemy for you. You oui to égal him through high DPS characters or with Assassins.


Tank-Top master will generally outlast anyone else in his very own team. When that happens, hey has little joie of turning the tables and winning thé battle 1v5. However, his group control skills can prevent that native happening, so long ont he has actually a great enough soutien group from the rest de the party.

Metal Knight – Finally, we ont Metal Knight. Auto genius doctor uses his fight Robot venir fight for him, and the metallic frame ns the Metal article gives that great protection against ennemi attacks. His tankiness will certainly be able venir sustain sufficient damage versus AOE damages characters, i m sorry should permit him à deal enough of his very own DPS damage avant he bites the bullet.


Metal Knight’s DPS damage isn’t the le meilleur in thé game, marqué it’s his survivability that offers him a spot nous our tier list. If many other characters prefer Lightning Max and Speed-O’-Sound Sonic ont higher DPS damage, they’re often too squishy that they seulement un last one or deux rounds antérieur à dying. Therefore, thé total damages Metal article deals in une whole fight ends up being an ext than the est différent characters who actually oui higher DPS than him.

That’s our sommet ten characters in une Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0. When these personalities are auto strongest among toutes les personnes the other characters in thé game, not having actually them shouldn’t prevent amie from play the game anymore. Road venir Hero is an extremely generous, awarding players with de nombreux of sources often enough that you will be able to à faire a 10x Recruitment often.

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Therefore, even if you’ve been playing for a while and you haven’t gained any de these top-tier characters, don’t worry! You’ll comprendre a beaucoup more chance later down thé road. The jeu is much more than just its PvP section, anyway. Jouer through auto story mode first. De the time you complete all stages, elle probably would have collected a couple of the characters pointed out above.