Carte Transport En Commun Amsterdam

Almost thé entire public transport du Amsterdam is organized in auto tariff system du the apporter transport entreprise GVB “Gemeente Vervoer Bedrijf”.That makes ce easy for toutes les personnes passengers.

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Whether seul rides par e-purse, day ticket, jaune Amsterdam take trip Card, here tu will find all relevant information. Here nous present you thé most important tickets parce que le visitors.So tu can conveniently find the right ticket parce que le your Amsterdam stay.

And v our advice regarding thé actual billet purchase, ce won’t volonté too facility at the ticketing machine.

Important information parce que le the billet purchase:

The transport société GVB wants à enforce cashless travel. That’s why tu can’t buy tickets from thé driver conditions météorologiques buses et most tram/streetcar lines.Many ns the ticket are easily accessible online et can it is in purchased ahead du time. Tu will uncover more informations below.


Corona / Covid-19 Update

The global corona pandemic has actually of arttaserse also influenced Amsterdam travel.

Local traffic in Amsterdam: because 1st june 2020, passengers age 13 and over room required à wear a mask. Ce is recommended venir avoid the rush hour (rush hour) et to keep éliminer to est différent passengers.Since November 6, 2021, the mask requirement likewise applies in train stations et at bus et tram stops. Si you don’t follow thé rule, you risque a maigrir of 95 euros.

Museums / sightseeing in Amsterdam: since 5th célibataire 2021 important charme such as the Stedelijk Museum, soupape Gogh musée or thé Rijksmuseum are open again. In order à control the num of visitors, most of them seulement un offer digital tickets at a solved date and time.

→ here is a page in English, which gives a good overview and a possibility to buy tickets online

Regulations et the instance in Amsterdam can échanger quickly.

Please always consider informations from official sources, e.g. Auto current country-specific take trip advice ns your étranger ministry. The decision about auto start of a journey and the behaviour nous site is your sole responsibility. do not use informations from this travel guide ont a basis à la health-related decisions. Always consult a doctor si you have any health-related questions.

#1 single rides with thé OV chip map / “e-purse”

if tu are in Amsterdam for a plus long period of time cible do no want to use the locale transport an extremely much


A frais for thé OV-chip card – credit transaction card fees pouvez apply (image : PPP, copyright CC2.0)

This system de the OV / e-purse is not that simple, especially si you don’t visit the Netherlands often.

How does the OV card / e-purse work?

The OV card lieu de travail like a prepaid cellphone card. Elle can load thé card v a particular amount at a machine, which amie then have the right to use up.

For a seul ride, amie will pay a fixed base price reconnaissance a set amount per kilometer driven. Thus, amie are paying pour the déménage traveled. Auto kilometers room measured every 50 meters exactly and billed accordingly. A classic single ride ticket that costs a certain amount nevertheless of distance (flat rate), does not exist. Thé OV chip map / e-purse can be supplied in trams, buses, as well ont the Metro.

Each passenger 4 years et older is compelled to ont a chip card.The card must have a credit ns at least 4 Euros avant each ride to ensure sufficient funds venir cover thé fare.

E-purse – prices

A rechargeable et anonymous chip card, without the personalization through a passport-type picture, costs €7.50 (without including a balance). Over there is a €2.50 services fee for the pay-out du any staying balance.

Standard fare:base price: 98 des centaines per ride plus 16 cents effronté kilometer travelled

Children (4-11 years) get a discounted fare:base price: 65 cents effronté ride plus 11 cents effronté kilometer travelled

#2 GVB seul day ticket jaune multi-day-ticket:simple & affordable – ideal for visitors & tourist – optional airport express bus


Affordable & practically – auto single-day-ticket through a validity ns 1 – 7 job – purchase online ahead du time, avoid contraintes upon arrival

The single-day and multi-day-tickets de the apporter transport system are popular amongst Amsterdam visitors. They room easy à use et affordable.

What does this billet offer?

You volonté unlimited rides on all GVB trams, ville buses, and the métro (day et night) throughout Amsterdam with this ticket and don’t ont to keep année eye conditions météorologiques your balance oui you à faire with e-purse.It is functional in terms de time-frame. Tickets are available for a seul day and for up à 7 days, indigenous 24 à 168 hours. Auto clock starts ticking at thé time of first use.There is a day billet especially for children age 4 to 11. Auto kids’ billet is seulement un valid parce que le a single day. Si necessary, many kids’ job tickets have the right to be purchased.This ticket is no valid parce que le other regional autobus companies, such ont Connexxion or EBS, or on the train.

Our tip: année online acquisition saves time et avoids souligner later

You can purchase auto ticket digital ahead de time via thé English-language website de the authorised GVB ticket seller without having à pay a surcharge (click here). The avoids contraintes later oui you won’t ont to transaction with auto tariff system et ticket machines after your longue trip.

If you venir from Schiphol Airport, elle can also livre this billet including auto Airport Express autobus (Line 397) round pilgrimage ticket.

Current pricing de the GVB seul day et multi-day tickets

The prices are on the meugler end pour a European metropolitan city. The plus long the validity period, auto lower auto price revenir day.

Fares (as of 2021):

Children’s billet (4-11 years) pour 1 day / 24h: €4 – in the event ns a longer stay, multiple tickets have the right to be purchased.

Standard fare:

1 day / 24h: €8.502 days / 48h: €13.503 days / 72h: €194 job / 96h: €24.505 work / 120h: €29.506 job / 144h: €347 job / 168h: €37 (€5.29 tout de suite day)

with Airport express Bus: + €11.75 tout de suite ticket

Airport express Bus

Airport montré Bus: return trip: €11.75 – as soon as purchasing thé GVB single day ticket online, over there is an option to livre the Airport exprimer Bus ont well.

This express bus (line 397) offers a quick et affordable interconnecté between the internationale airport Schiphol et downtown, et it operation regularly.

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You can livre the airplane Express autobus ticket online individually or together with auto GVB day / multiday ticket.

→ amie can discover more informations about the Airport Express autobus 397 here

Where is thé GVB day billet valid?

The GVB day ticket is valid conditions météorologiques the whole network du streetcars, metro et GVB buses.

→ Map / city map Amsterdam – GVB day paragraphe coverage

If your cible or house is outside auto validity area, you might be interested in the Amsterdam an ar Travel ticket (see below). This ticket is valid pour the entire region around Amsterdam.

# 3 Amsterdam & region Travel Ticket: Trips around Amsterdam + airport carry included

si you want venir make excursions e.g. à the coast (Amsterdam Beach, Haarlem, Zaandvoor, or Bloemendaal) or to the tulip sky Keukenhof, then auto “Amsterdam & region Travel Ticket” is interesting. This ticket is année extension de the GVB Day ticket (see above).

The Amsterdam & an ar Travel ticket entitles elle to:

Unlimited usage of tous GVB streetcars, ville buses, metros (day et night) et ferries. This allows you à travel in thé Amsterdam ville area, seulement like with thé GVB Day ticket (see above).Train rides in auto Amsterdam region with the intérieur railroad company ae are included.

You deserve to buy this ticket avant your pilgrimage via auto GVB authorized billet portal (click here). This conserves time et stress during your Amsterdam stay.

Current prices for the Amsterdam & region Travel ticket (2021)

With the Amsterdam & an ar Travel ticket you can travel in a much larger an ar than with auto GVB day ticket. Therefore, thé price is also higher.

Current prices parce que le the “Amsterdam & an ar Travel Ticket” validity duration 1 day: €19.50 validity period 2 days: €28 validity period le3 days: €36.50

The validity duration is regulated in different way from the GVB day Ticket. Auto “Amsterdam & an ar Travel Ticket” is precious from the life check-in till 04.00 a.m. After thé last precious day (depending nous whether you oui the 1, 2 or 3 day version). Auto day start at midnight.

Example: si you usage a 2-day ticket pour the first time indigenous midnight nous Wednesday, climate your billet will it is in valid till 04:00 on Friday morning.

Where is thé Amsterdam & region Travel billet valid?

Here elle can find a map with thé area du validity of the Amsterdam & region Travel Ticket.

→ Map / Plan: Amsterdam & an ar Travel Ticket


The „Amsterdam travel Ticket“ – single-day-ticket for auditeur transport + airport carry – digital booking saves time and avoids contraintes upon arrival

The Amsterdam Travel billet (ATT) is an extension du the GVB seul day or multi-day-ticket explained above. It can it is in considered année extension due to the fact that with this billet you will also ont the option of utilizing the following endless times for your carry from et to Schiphol airport:

This billet also allows amie unlimited rides on tous GVB-trams, (night-) buses, Metro, et ferries in toutes les personnes of Amsterdam, du course.However, its validity is regulation differently. Auto “Amsterdam travel Ticket” is precious from the first check-in until 4 être following thé last precious day (depending on if you booked the 1, 2, or 3-day option). Thé day start at midnight.For example: si you start using a 2-day billet at midnight conditions météorologiques Wednesday, then ce will it is in valid until 4 am on Friday.

Please note: this billet is no valid conditions météorologiques buses that room operated par other transport companies such ont EBS and Arriva jaune any bus other than the Amsterdam express (bus 397) et the Niteliner (bus N97) operated by Connexxion.

Our tip: purchase online et save time et stress abroad

You have the right to purchase auto “Amsterdam travel Ticket” passant par this English-language website

This avoids souligner upon arrival. This way tu won’t have to address ticketing machine after your flight.

Current pricing pour the “Amsterdam travel Ticket”

Fares are higher than a basic seul day billet since it already includes your airplane transfer. A round expedition from thé airport to thé city quartier général with the Airport Express bus 397 currently costs EUR 11.25. When you take this right into consideration, the “Amsterdam take trip Ticket” is affordable.

 Current fares à la the “Amsterdam travel Ticket”

Validity 1 day: 17 EuroValidity 2 days: 22.50 EuroValidity le 3 days: 28 Euro

Tickets through a plus long validity duration are not currently being offered.

→ Overview: deliver Schiphol airplane ↔ Amsterdam city quartier général – toutes les personnes transport option (bus, train, taxi,…) incl. Journey times et current prices.

#5 “I Amsterdam” card:Single-day ticket + discount card à la sightseeing

Public transportation single-day billet + free-of-charge / reduced dadmission to attractions

The “I Amsterdam” map is the official sightseeing pass à la the city of Amsterdam. Ce aims à assist tourists with thé hotchpotch of public transportation tariffs and admission tickets. The name is obtained from thé English word play “I am Amsterdam”.If you are planning nous also visite attractions and seeing thé famous sights de the city, then the “I Amsterdam” card could be of interest à you. It is a combination of single-day-tickets for auditeur transport plus discounted rejoindre to traveler sights.

The “I Amsterdam” card is a combination ticket et offers auto following benefits:


“I Amsterdam” – seulement one billet for auditeur transport + free entrée to attractions

1 Free et unlimited use de the auditeur transportation system operated by the GVB. This includes the Metro, ville buses, oui well as the trams. Ferries are generally free du charge.

2 Free and unlimited use du the public transportation système operated by the GVB. This includes auto Metro, ville buses, oui well as the trams. Ferries are usually free du charge.

3 25% off the regular ticket price parce que le many events (opera, ballet…), attractions, cycle rental, and at participating restaurants

→ More information about “I amsterdam” ville card – Test: “I Amsterdam” card – is a acquisition worth it pour you?

Tip: buy auto “I Amsterdam” card, GVB single-day-ticket or entrée online et without being charged a surcharge

Insider tip: amie can purchase the “I Amsterdam” card par this English-language website antérieur à your trip. That avoids stress later et possibly also credit map fees the you may incur if you pay after arrival.

Pricing à la the “I Amsterdam” map (as of 2021)

1 work – 24 hours: €652 days – 48 hours: €85 (€42.50 tout de suite day)3 job – 72 hours: €105 (€35 tout de suite day)4 work – 96 hours: €120 (€30 per day)5 days – 120 hours: €130 (€26 per day)

#6 grouper tickets à la travel groups jaune school trips

A group ticket parce que le travel groups jaune school trips etc. Is no longer available. Plenty of travel groups take advantage de the GVB single-day-ticket (see here). It is uncomplicated since public transportation have the right to be provided cheaply and unlimited times. Each coporation, groupe member gets his own card et can take individual trips.

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Additionally, these tickets room available parce que le online purchase et without a surcharge via this English-language website. Elle will not oui to take care of a taille sum of money at a billet machine in your ar while your grouper is wait impatiently. Amie will get a receipt parce que le your digital purchase, i beg your pardon simplifies accounting parce que le a travel group significantly.

#7 GVB 1 hour ticket

With thé GVB 1 hour ticket, you can use all GVB present within une hour. Auto ticket is unfortunately not easily accessible online.Current price 2021: €3.20 pour adults