Carte Des Logis De France

Stays v commitment

Your stays and meals contribute to locale employment et promote meilleur incomes parce que le our hoteliers.

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With an ext than 70 years of experience in the hotel et restaurant business, patrie HOTELS, the life chain of independent hotel-restaurants in Europe, stands out with its friendly and warm hôtel service, i m sorry encourages local employment, quick circuits and local producers. The henn objective of page daccueil HOTELS, is venir guarantee you année unforgettable stay, personalized venir your tastes, when participating et making elle participate in auto development and preservation ns our regions and territories, de encouraging the local economy et culture. Interesting, isn"t it? In this way, her visit to Jacques" hotel-restaurant additionally benefits Damien, the bourgade baker, but also Jean-Daniel, the locale sheep farmer, jaune Maryse, the market gardener from auto neighboring village. Present in 9 various countries, France, Germany, Andorra, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Canada. Patrie HOTELS has 2,300 establishments, each one different from the other, but all sharing thé same spirit and values: a personalized welcome, quality accommodation, a friendly restaurant with regional flavors and an invitation venir discover the récolte heritage de the region. Villas, hotels or unusual accommodations, with thé six brands de the logis HOTELS group, enjoy a heat stay, personalized to your moods, desires and needs. ● loger Hotels et Restaurants, auto hotel et restaurant industrie with a human face, with année average of 15 venir 45 rooms effronté establishment.

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● L"Exception Logis, auto premium classification that values excellence and know-how in terms du accommodation, tables et exceptional spas. ● Auberge ns Pays, turnkey dajouter inns that promote locale services and restaurants et offer up à 9 rooms. ● Citotel, 2 et 3 star hotels located in the city centre with various styles cible always auto same charter ns quality et requirement. ● Châteaux et Demeures, reputation residences by the sea, in the mountains and in auto countryside. ● urban Style, 3 and 4 star establishments with an average of 35 to 60 rooms, combining modern-day style and design. For people wishing à give more meaning to their way ns consuming.

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Page daccueil HOTELS- provides its members a dunicité loyalty routine that allows them venir promote auto environment de adopting a more responsible way of consumption. Thé ETIK card, which deserve to be presented in a dematerialized way, permits its holders à benefit toutes les personnes year long from a warm and personalized welcome in the loger HOTELS and CITOTEL hotel-restaurant network, when accumulating euros on hotels et restaurants during their weekends, vacations or business trips.