Candy Crush Sur Pc Gratuit


Candy Crush décès is auto superhit by that, after succeeding nous Facebook, Android, and iPhone, lands conditions météorologiques Windows. Live the sweet frenzy of them all


When ce was life released ont a game pour Facebook, its developer couldn"t even rêver about cette reaching the success cette has achieved: millions of players hooked nous from auto very life moment, sending out invitations to all their contacts, seulement like they supplied to faire with FarmVille.

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Moving nous to mobile platforms

The game"s success directif to a déditions for iPhone oui well oui the subsequent APK for Android smartphones and tablets, which ended up confirming Candy like Saga as one du the most profitable jeux developed par Obviously, a édition for pc had to come next, soja here"s auto edition pour Windows 10. To get hold of cette you"ll only oui to press auto Download button et install the APPX file that will certainly bring thé native version of liquid Crush pour Windows venir your computer system screen.

One ns the biggest hits in thé short background of téléphone portable games.

So here it is on our desktop, auto game the repeats the winning formula de Bejeweled et Jewel Quest, cible this temps around with candies instead de gems et precious stones. And no, you"re no going venir find something different nous your computer than what you"ve already seen on your phone jaune tablet, in fact, it"s exactly auto same game.

By auto way... How to play it?

Well, that"s a shocking question, since you probably know how to jouer this jeu off by heart as you"ve for sure played différent similar jeu before. You have to swap the position de several elements nous the board in order to line-up horizontally jaune vertically three de plus more identical blocks. That"s once they disappear and their room is occupied passant par others, with nouveau items appearing on the panel.

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You usually have to try to reach a avec certitude number du sweets à complete every panel, but you have the right to also phat against thé clock jaune any other game mode.

Some du the features de this addictive game

One ns the crucial aspects the have led so many people to play this title, including your mom, is that it"s free. However, it"s definitely a des boites to be studied because, together with Clash of Clans, it"s one of the highest possible grossing jeu thanks venir its in-app purchases. And just in caisse you don"t recall it, here are some of the functions et features you"ll come across:

Match 3 game that"s about combining the same candies in groups du at the very least three à clear them la fin the board.4 jeu modes: timed levels, target score, drop down mode and order mode.Increase your marqué thanks to special liquid boosters jaune power-ups.Unleash chain reactions that will certainly give you more points.Thousands of levels obtainable that increase every la semaine with each new update.Daily prizes par spinning this unique wheel.Special unlockable wheels ont you manage venir solve puzzles and surpass levels.General standings with your score et the achievements ns your friends.Synchronizable games: continuez on her Android or iphones where amie left la fin on her PC.

What"s the highest level in auto game?

For your information, tu should it is in happy to know that there"s no way you"re going to be able à complete this game. There are thousands ns levels available but, v each new update released every week, there are nouveau screens that make it impossible to ever end, back we encourager you to try it out for yourself.

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Now that amie know, don"t hesitate à lend Tiffi and Toffee a hand approximately Candy Kingdom in a jeu that will glue you to your pc from the very tons moment. Just wait until tu start playing. Et don"t forget that si you require more, you have the right to always have a marche at Jelly Saga.