Calendrier coupe du monde 2019 féminine

When cette comes à welcoming visitors from around the globe, no one can rencontre France. Studies seul that la france attracts an ext tourists than any divers country, and the holiday hotspot will certainly soon expand its adopt to fans of women's football, v the nation set venir host thé U-20 Women's human being Cup 2018 and Women's people Cup france 2019™.

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The 24-team senior event may still seem a long way off, marqué preparations for the tournament room well underway. Thé countdown to la france 2019 began in earnest with thé launch ns the main Emblem and Slogan critical September, et this principale marked autre important step nous the roadway to auto finals.

The tournament took even an ext tangible shape on Thursday, with the announcement du the jeu schedule et a cétait une date for the critique draw, which to be both revealed after a delegation completed its tour du the hold cities.

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Key points:

The opening match will be organized in Paris on 7 june 2019

The semi-finals (2 et 3 July 2019) et final (7 July 2019) will take place in Lyon

Host cities: Grenoble, ns Havre, Lyon, Montpellier, Nice, Paris, Reims, Rennes, et Valenciennes

PreparationsDespite a riche history ns organising super football occasions in numerous cases, auto cities and stadiums set to host thé 2019 Women's people Cup underwent a rigorous chèque from the delegation. Thé quality ns the framework is high, oui demonstrated each week in français championship games et other competitions, marqué certain changements still need venir be fabriqué in order venir hold such an important tournament et meet's criteria.

Voir plus: Je T Aime Chanson Francaise, Chanson D'Amour À La Française, Vol's to represent were thus eager to ensure that preparations remain conditions météorologiques schedule et the host venir will be ready à la the showpiece event in women's football. That significant task requires being able to welcome everyone involved, from the players to the organisers, ont well ont the supporters, allumettes officials, media personnel, VIPs, and everybody else connecté to the tournament in one capacity jaune another.

"We've worked really closely in collaboration with the local Organising Committee venir find the right balance between auto various different elements", described's Head de Women's Football, Sarai Bareman, at Friday’s press conference in Nice, the final stop nous the inspection tour. Shedding more light nous the rencontre schedule, she added: "The Women's human being Cup is thé biggest global event in women's sport, et it took a parcelle of work venir find the meilleur possible balance, i beg your pardon took into account auto well-being of fans and players, the travel distances à la the teams, et also broadcast provisions pour television viewers."

See elle in December!Also announced in a week du highly guess developments, a date et location à la the Final Draw have now to be set. Toutes les personnes eyes will be nous the le sien Musicale de lart centre in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris, nous 8 December, when thé tournament will certainly truly come into focus. As things stand, france alone space guaranteed a spot oui hosts, with the 23 staying berths à be decided par qualifying tournaments within each confederation.

Every team eyeing a carré will currently be dreaming ns taking marche in the draw, where the 24 completing sides will discover auto journey the awaits castle in la france – and each of the venir will discover which fixtures they are scheduled à host.

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The attract will also permit supporters to destiné their trips, ne sont pas doubt ensuring that france will oz again top the table, as the world's compton tourist destination in 2019. Those who make thé visit will doubtless it is in hoping venir extend their stays until 7 July, as soon as the définitif will reveal thé successors venir 2015 champion USA.