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Caca is a baby talk or slang way du saying poop.

Vous lisez ce: Caca caca caca caca caca

Since talking about feces (poop) is often seen ont taboo (prohibited oui improper), there room a parcelle of euphemisms (mild substitutes) for it. Caca is regularly used de young children, specifically because cette is easy à say. Marqué adults also use auto word as a slang term jaune to be humorous.

Example: The signification littérale girl told elle mom that she had caca in sa diaper.

The reality is that nous don’t sait where caca come from. It is first recorded in English in auto late 1800s, cible its specific language of beginning is uncertain. Caca et very comparable words typical poop in numerous languages, and there is speculation that thé term originates from a Spanish-speaking country, cible this has actually not been confirmed.

Caca is usually used de young children, who deserve to say cette more conveniently than poop because it is auto same syllable repeated twice, seulement like ma-ma and da-da.

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This is année example ns reduplication, i m sorry is typical in bébé talk. Thé same thing have the right to be checked out in other baby talk words à la poop, such ont poo-poo and doo-doo.

But caca no just pour kids. Adults use ce when speak with jeune children about going to the bathroom. But they additionally use it oui a slang term parce que le poop (usually venir be funny) jaune to refer à something they consider mauvais or negative quality.

Did you know ... ?

What are some synonyms for caca?

What space some words that often volonté used in discussing caca?

How is caca provided in genuine life?

When jeune children use caca, cette is virtually always venir refer venir poop. As soon as adults usage it, lock are often being playful or using it as a slang word jaune a replacement pour harsher profanity.

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Literally changed Hope's diaper et not deux seconds later explosions happened…..That entirety chart about babies only having le3 diapers nous the third day is a gros load of Caca. Pun intended.

— mme Canadian Guy quel (
Mrs_CGE) December 29, 2019

The majority of this année was straight up caca.

— Rickie (
Papricka__) December 27, 2019

Try using caca!

In which du the following situations would caca it is in appropriate venir use?

A. A young child saying that she has to aller to auto bathroomB. A scientific article about thé functions of the person colonC. A health éléments discussing comment to achieve regular bowel movements