can someone explain thé meaning et common usages du this phrase? je hear it often and am not completely sure ns always recognize it. Does it mean something choose English"s “whatever” jaune “bullshit”? Is it said flippantly? Angrily? i would amour to view some examples ns situations jaune usages du the formulation so ns can volonté a meilleur grasp nous it.

Vous lisez ce: C est n importe quoi




N"importe quoi deserve to mean Bullshit.

Les poules peuvent voler.N"importe quoi !

Could be interpreted in (without sounding ont rude oui in English in my opinion)

— Chicken have the right to fly. — Bullshit!

But elle can also use it parce que le all wrong

— Tu as fait n"importe quoi!


— You go it all wrong!

(Literally “You did whatever randonmly occurred to you”)

Whatever / i don"t mind

If you want venir use it as whatever jaune I don"t mind, tu shall use peu importe jaune n"importe

Que veux-tu manger ?Peu importe.

Tu voudrais t"asseoir antérieur à ou derrière ?N"importe.


— What do you want to eat? — Whatever.

— do you want to sit at auto rear jaune at the front? — je don"t mind.

What a nonsense

As suggested by RomainVALERI in auto comments, n"importe quoi can additionally be used parce que le pointing out how nonsensical / shameful something is.

Ils ont réussi jusqu’à faire du la pub dans les cole ! C"est n"importe quoi...

which could be translated ont

— castle managed à put heralding material in schools! what a nonsense...

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"N"importe" basically expresses a "non-choice".Il ferait n"importe quoi convectif elle : He"d à faire any/everything for her.Donne lui n"importe quoi et cette heureux : Anything amie give him makes him happy.

Note the "n"importe" can be used with other words, with auto same "non-choice" definition :

N"importe où

Il irait n"importe où avec elle.

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He"d aller anywhere with her.

N"importe comment

Elle s"habille n"importe comment. she can"t dress.

N"importe quand

Venez n"importe quand, conditions météorologiques est restes là. Come passant par whenever you feel like, nous are constantly home.

N"importe qui

À qui veux-tu parler? — N"importe qui. Who faire you want to talk to? à anyone. On née va étape engager n"importe qui. nous can"t hire seul anyone.

Idiomatic expressions : Ce n"est étape n"importe qui. She/He is an important person.

N"importe lequel/laquelle/lesquels/lesquelles

Quelle auto veux-tu? — N"importe laquelle. Which car do elle want? — Any car will do.

N"importe quel/quelle/quels/quelles

Ça ne se vend pas dans n"importe quel magasin.

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They dont sell that just in any type of shop.