Bigflo &Amp; Oli - Pour Un Pote Ft. Jean Dujardin

Bigflo Members Profile: Bigflo Facts

Bigflo (빅플로) currently consists de 3 members. The group debuted conditions météorologiques 23rd juin 2014, under Hyeyoom Entertainment. At the beginning de 2017, 2 members left et 3 new members to be added: Euijin, Sungmin and Lex. Euijin announced in February 2019 that Bigflo is right now in hiatus while thé members will focus on their individual activities.

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Bigflo Members Profile:EuijinStage Name: Euijin (의진) structure Stage name: Lo-J (로제이)Birth Name: Lee Eui-jin (이의진)Position: Leader, Vocalist, command Rapper, main DancerBirthday: February 15, 1990Zodiac Sign: AquariusLanguage: KoreanHeight: 171 centimètre (5’7″)Weight: 76 kg (167 lbs)Blood type: OInstagram:

Euijin Facts:– He’s a se réconcilier member de A.Cian.– Euijin is a member ns the saut crew called Da’onez.– Specialty: dance– Euijin’s specialty in dance is popping.– cette makes the choreography of the group– Euijin to be a participants in the idole Rebooting project program show called “The Unit”.– Euijin placed 2nd in auto Unit v 164,838 votes et got to debut v UNB.– Euijin’s participated in 1theK’s “Dance War” and Mnet’s “Somebody”.– Euijin debuted ont soloist on june 26, 2019 with the album “e:motion” i m sorry title route is “Insomnia”.

Sungmin Stage Name: Sungmin (성민)Birth Name: café glacé Sung min (오성민)Position: Lead VocalistBirthday: December 31, 1990Zodiac Sign: CapricornLanguage: Korean, EnglishHeight: N/AWeight: N/ABlood Type: AInstagram:

Sungmin Facts:– He’s a constitue member du A.ble (Able).-He was revealed ont the nouveau member through v app.– hey actually auditioned together with all of members on ‘The unir : idole Rebooting Project’, but he et the est différent two (HighTop and Ron) didn’t pass.– Specialty: violin– Sungmin et Lex opened a youtube channel referred to as Mintwo Studio.

LexStage Name: Lex (렉스)Birth Name:Jeon Hyungmin (전형민)Position: Main VocalistBirthday: January 12, 1993Zodiac Sign: CapricornLanguage: Korean, English, FrenchHeight: 176 cm (5’9″)Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)Blood Type: AInstagram:

Lex Facts:– hey is indigenous Toronto, Canada.– Specialty: piano, saxophone.– LEX has an ASMR YouTube channel, where cette also periodically uploads consist of (렉스와 릴렉스 relax with Lex)– Lex is acting in a BL dubbed “You Make moi Dance”– Lex Doesn’t prefer Horror movies, castle scares him.– Lex has a dog named Buddy.– In 2017 Lex end up being a DJ radio conditions météorologiques “Hotbeat”.– Lex to be a participant in the idole Rebooting task program démontrer called “The Unit”.– Lex doesn’t favor horror movies, they fear him.– Lex et Sungmin opened a youtube channel referred to as Mintwo Studio.Show an ext LEX fun facts…

Former Members:Jungkyun

Stage Name: Jungkyun (정균)Birth Name: Jung Jung KyunPosition: Leader, main VocalistBirthday: November 27, 1987Zodiac Sign: SagittariusLanguage:  Korean, JapaneseHeight: 180 cm (5’11”)Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)Blood Type: AInstagram:

Jungkyun facts:– He’s a structure member of N-Train.– he took aller in composing, writing, and arranging your 1st album and is BIGFLO’s henchmen producer.– he constantly loser things– hey loves functioning out et has a an excellent body.– he has a dog called ‘Yeonji”– hey is the Japanese translator ns the group– cette can jouer piano, guitar, bass, et drums.– hey enlisted in thé Military, starting june 2016.– hey finished his mandatory armed forces service conditions météorologiques March 8, 2018.– After finishing his mandatory military service, he left the group.– Jungkyun opened a studios on peut faire 4th 2018, called studios JtoK.

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YuseongStage Name: Yuseong (유성)Birth Name: Jung Yu Seong (정유성)Position: VocalistBirthday: October 8, 1992Zodic Sign: LibraLanguage: Korean, Chinese (Mandarin)Height: 175 cm (5’9″)Weight: 52 kg (114 lbs)Blood Type: OInstagram:

Yuseong facts:– Nationality: Korean– His hometown is Busan.– he is auto cutest member de the group.– hey was likewise raised for a if in China et can speak Mandarin.– Specialty: cooking, dancing– he is the meilleur cook ns the group.– cette loves animals and has 2 puppies.– conditions météorologiques February 7, 2017, it has been announced he’ll aller in hiatus à improve his health.– Meanwhile, he was eliminated from BigFlo’s social accounts and he wasn’t mentioned in the group’s anniversary celebration native 2018 conditions météorologiques the main SNS pages, if he’s positif doing separation, personal, instance projects, sign hey wouldn’t it is in a member anymore.– conditions météorologiques February 18, 2019 he announced that cette officially left the group, after his contract expired in January 2019.

RonStage Name: Ron (론)Birth Name: Cheon Byung Hwa (천병화)Position: Vocalist, VisualBirthday: January 22, 1991Zodiac Sign: AquariusLanguage: Korean, English, JapaneseHeight: 183 centimètre (6’0″)Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)Blood Type: BInstagram:
bigflo_ronYoutube: Kitchen Ron

Ron Facts:– he is thé tallest member.– It’s said he is auto worst dancer of auto group.– Specialty: acting– cette has the least currently in every song– He’s closest venir Hightop– Z-UK saus Ron’s thé worst dancer he’s ever before taught.– hey is originally a model. Cette did some modeling work cible was scouted functioning behind the counter ont a barista.– Ron is currently married to Zanybros musique video manager Lee sa Kang, who’s 11 years older than him.– Ron’s contract expired January 17th, 2019 and he chose not to renew it and left BIGFLO.


Stage Name: Kichun (기천)Birth Name: Hwang Ki-chun (황기천)Position: VocalistBirthday: 14 March, 1992Zodiac Sign: PiscesLanguage: Korean, Chinese (Mandarin)Height: 179 cm (5ft 10in)Weight: 63 kg (139lbs)Blood Type: AInstagram:

Kichun facts:– previously member ns Twi-light, wherein his stage name used venir be Tien.– Kichun is a new member venir Bigflo, debuting v them with auto Obliviate comeback.– hey can play the Violin– cette studied in Shanghai, China fpr number of years.– cette was raised in China et can speak fluent Mandarin.

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Stage Name: Z-Uk (지욱)Birth Name: Jung Jae-wook (정재욱)Position: main Rapper, henchmen DancerBirthday: January 27, 1993Zodiac Sign: AquariusLanguage: KoreanHeight: 174 cm (5’9″)Weight: 66 kg (142 lbs)Blood Type: AInstagram:

Z-Uk facts:– Nationality: Korean– His hometown is Busan.– cette writes the lyrics pour the coporation, groupe with Hightop.– hey worked oui a danse instructor.– hey works tous the choreography parce que le the group.– he likes exposing secrets.– hey used à be a member of Killa Monkeez (KLMKZ), a b-boy crew.– His favorite food is chicken.– cette is likewise a good cuisiner .– Z-Uk joined the UNIT.– on January 26, 2021 cette debuted ont a member de Sigma, under Diamond Music.– he also debuted as a soloist with the single called “Push & Pull, under JN EntertainmentShow an ext Z-Uk amusant facts…

HightopStage Name: Hightop (하이탑)Birth Name: Lim Hyun-tae (임현태)Position: main Rapper, affronter of auto Group, MaknaeBirthday: in march 19, 1994Zodiac Sign: PiscesLanguage: Korean, EnglishHeight: 178 centimètre (5’10”)Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs)Blood Type: ABInstagram:

Hightop Facts:– cette was année underground rapper before debut– education : he majored in Theatre et Film in High School– cette is thé maknae de the group and it’s said to be a very mauvais dongsaeng follow to est différent members. XD– Ron threw him in auto lake once– cette starred on Boarding loger No.24 drama (2014).– hey appeared nous Real homme (진짜 사나이) (2015).– He’s thé worst at help with family members tasks.– cette is certain terrified of hamsters. (Bigflo tv – Ep 8)– hey can play the piano.– Hightop tape-recorded his own farts to rap to.– cette is afraid ns hamsters and hates them.– Specialty: composing lyrics, creating songs, acting, play piano– nous February 23, 2019 Hightop announced that cette officially left auto group.

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