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At auto height de the Cold battle in 1960, andrew Merlaux join the french Secret Service et contends with adversaries both foreign et bureaucratic.

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Paris, 1960. Andrew Merlaux is hired ont a trainee at the français secret services under auto seasoned eye du several elite agent and a fantastiques colonel.

Moulinier et Jacquard causer a diplomatic difficulté while make the efforts to capturer a high-value target. Merlaux meets auto enchanting Sophie.

When an African state requirements independence, Merlaux it s okay his first super assignment et discovers a passion à la politics.

Joining Jacquard in Algeria pour some real-world training, Merlaux visage the darker side de a spy's sapin for the first time.

On a commander to Moscow v Merlaux, Calot stirs up problem with the CIA. Marie-Jo's upcoming avancement creates a mini-crisis at thé office.

While auto senior agent compete parce que le the role du assistant director, Merlaux make the efforts to figure out what Sophie means by the hatchet "modern woman."

Moulinier, Jacquard et Calot marche on strike à protest auto loss ns a bonus. Barred from see Sophie, Merlaux dives into his work et uncovers a plot.

After finding out that Merlaux is encore seeing Sophie, the colonel sets a trap for him under the guise du a high-stakes solo mission.

Sent venir Algiers to intercept a terrorist, Moulinier and the others aller to extremes to wrap up thé mission et make ce to a rugby match.

Determined à flush out the mole in the métro service, Moïse lend a lied detector from Mossad, which automatically puts the colonel on edge.

The hunt à la the mole awakens Calot's paranoia, the colonel discovers just how much Moïse knows about his past, and Merlaux opens up up venir Sophie.

Determined to comprendre rid de Merlaux, the colonel sends him venir Algiers to stake out auto mole, tous the while plot a devious surprise.

Amid climbing Cold war tensions, thé clueless agent trigger a séries of internationale crises, and André goes rogue conditions météorologiques a commander of his own.

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Calot, Moulinier and Jacquard fly à Cuba à rescue a absent agent, only to find she doesn't desire their help. The colonel lays a trap for Moïse.

As france votes nous Algeria's future, Jacquard hatches a crooked scheme, andré works à free Moïse, et Sophie springs a surpris on sa family.

The colonel orders his henchmen to take out André, Marie-Jo uses elle baking to gather intel, et a delegation from Quebec asks thé agency à la help.

A shocking announcement leaves andré confused. After laughing éteindre Calot's warnings about the Cold War, Moulinier ignites a major international crisis.

During a ordre to Algeria, thé Colonel's étrange behavior prompts Jacquard venir take a drastic step. André makes la communication with a secret figure.

While Jacquard et Moktar transport the bomb -- et the unraveling colonel -- across auto desert, Moulinier falls head end heels à la his target.

Tasked with picking a nouveau president for an African nation, Moulinier follows his heart. Meanwhile, andrew faces yet more grueling tests.

Ahead ns a visit from auto Kennedys, deux CIA agent try à stamp out any hint of communism at the agency. The colonel sics a surveillance team nous Irène.

While Calot institutions his colleagues in the curious ways of the east bloc, andrew tours thé nerve centre of thé KGB.

The colonels threatens à reveal Moïse's métro if cette doesn't deliver andrew within 36 hours. Thé shoe difficulté leads venir historic repercussions.

While auto real mole attempts venir eliminate André, Moïse revenu some leverage ns his own, et the colonel seeks a solution to his wedding problem.

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Hijinks and revelations abound as andrew hops a train in Algeria in search ns the secret Yannick -- with thé other revendeur agréé in nom est pursuit.

Hugo BeckerWilfred BenaïcheChristophe KourotchkineKarim BarrasBruno PaviotJean-Édouard BodziakMathilde WarnierJoséphine ns La BaumeMarie-Julie BaupAntoine GouyJulie FarencStephanie Fatout